Warning Ireland




Westminster will not incorporate the principles of the Good Friday Agreement in the EU withdrawal bill.

Parliament voted 313 against, 48 in favour.

The DUP has got Westminster to abolish  the BelfastAgreement/GFA!

It will be gone by Brexit Day, March 2019

There’s no depths England will not stoop to as they over-ride other people’s rights. Ireland North and South held referendums to approve the GFA – the Republic even altered its Constitution to ensure it was passed

Comes as no surprise to the Scots who saw their hopes of maintaining devolution status eliminated on “usually” –  one word in the Sewell Convention 

What now for Irish Republicans/nationalists and Scottish nationalists? 

What now for the EU and International Treaties bearing the UK’s signature?





Joe Atkinson: Parliamentary Intent and the Sewel Convention as a Legislatively Entrenched Political Convention

5 thoughts on “Warning Ireland

    • Thanks for commenting Twinbrook lad – we’d need some hot shot lawyer to understand what is going on here!
      There was no proposal.
      There was a proposed amendment to the EU Withdrawal Bill .
      The Guardian said it referred to Amendment 70 which says:

      Notices of Amendments: 2 November 2017 70
      Clause 7, page 6, line 18, at end insert—

      “(g) make any other provision, unless the Minister considers that the
      conditions in subsection (6A) where relevant are satisfied in relation to
      that provision.

      (6A) Those conditions are that—
      (a) the policy objective intended to be secured by the provision could not be
      secured by non-legislative means;

      (b) the effect of the provision is proportionate to the policy objective;

      (c) the provision, taken as a whole, strikes a fair balance between the public interest and the interests of any person adversely affected by it;

      (d) the provision does not remove any necessary protection;
      (e) the provision does not prevent any person from continuing to exercise any right or freedom which that person might reasonably expect to continue to exercise;
      (f) the provision is not of constitutional significance”

      Member’s explanatory statement
      To narrow down the circumstances in which this power can be exercised.


      As the Guardian reported this amendment did not pass, the original Bill still stands.
      Then I went to look up the page 6 reference in the UK Government’s Original European Union (Withdrawal) Bill Page 6

      (i)exercisable instead by a public authority (whether or not newly
      established or established for the purpose) in the United Kingdom, or
      (ii)replaced, abolished or otherwise modified, or
      (b)provide for the establishment of public authorities in the United
      5Kingdom to carry out functions provided for by regulations under this
      (6)But regulations under this section may not—
      (a)impose or increase taxation,
      (b)make retrospective provision,
      (c)10create a relevant criminal offence,
      (d)be made to implement the withdrawal agreement,
      (e)amend, repeal or revoke the Human Rights Act 1998 or any
      subordinate legislation made under it, or
      (f)amend or repeal the Northern Ireland Act 1998 (unless the regulations
      15are made by virtue of paragraph 13(b) of Schedule 7 to this Act or are
      amending or repealing paragraph 38 of Schedule 3 to the Northern
      Ireland Act 1998 or any provision of that Act which modifies another
      (7)No regulations may be made under this section after the end of the period of
      20two years beginning with exit day.



  1. Thanks but I find it difficult to believe that the British State would want to ditch the GFA which has favoured their continued colonial possession of the Six Counties.

    As may be clear I do not support the Good Friday Agreement which has delivered none of the promised benefits except the release of many prisoners (some of whom have found themselves returned to jail without the inconvenience of charge, evidence and trial). It is true that people are not getting killed in the Six Counties with any regularity but the root causes are not addressed and a return to armed actions at some point is, in my opinion, inevitable. Sectarianism is more entrenched than ever.


    • Thanks for your comment Rebelbreeze – and welcome to the site!
      The DUP wants to ditch the GFA -they never signed up to it, obstruct its provisions in every which way and keep calling for a return to Direct Rule.
      Since Arlene Foster’s panicked phone call to Ms May yesterday that broke up moves towards settling Ireland’s position in the Brexit talks, it’s been clear who rules the roost at Westminster. Otherwise why didn’t May refuse the call, switch off her phone or say “can’t talk to you . I’m in a meeting”?
      Or was it all a set-up? two fingers to the EU and Ireland?
      How long the british Establishment allows this DUP usurpation of their role remains to be seen – but as usual they will be ruthless once they move.
      The GFA will probably survive as it is an international agreement and if the irish Govt’s brexit proposal for Ireland goes ahead we may finally begin to see the benefits that were promised to us in the GFA.


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