Am re-blogging this post from Gael Force Art, thanking them for their hillside message to the world  and adding The Mirror’s Voice to theirs

Gael Force Art supports the Catalonian referendum for independence on Sunday October 1st 2017.
Catalonia is at present under Spanish rule and situated in the north-east with a population of 7.5 million people, accounting for 15% of Spain’s population and 20% of its economic output. About 1.6 million people live in Barcelona, Catalonia’s capital, which is a major tourist destination.
Catalonia has a distinct history, culture and language and therefore has the right to Self-Determine its own future as a Nation. The Spanish Government has deemed the referendum as illegal.

However Catalonia will still hold its referendum in defiance of the Spanish Government.
We admire the Catalonian people for taking this radical step for independence rather than allowing themselves to be confined to the parameters laid out by the Spanish Government, whose interests are to maintain the status quo.




The Mirror’s Comments:

Managing to hold the Referendum tomorrow will in itself be a victory, whatever the outcome.Violence  by the Spanish police may be expected.

The Spanish government has no right to prevent people from using their vote.

Our ancestors fought hard to get us the right to vote and no power anywhere has the right to take it from us or prevent us from using it. Whether the Catalonians vote YES or NO to Independence is almost beside the point at this gross infringement of their democratic  right to vote.

Furthermore, allowing the  Spanish government to block the Referendum sets a dangerous precedent in the EU. As will the EU  telling us that this police violence is entirely acceptable and legal. If the Kingdom of Spain  is successful, who can guarantee  that we, as EU citizens, still have the right to vote as we want on what we want?

The Spanish Government has arrested Catalan politicians and municipal authorities. They have sent in the Spanish Civil Guards to sequester Referendum ballots, ballot boxes, information flyers and tear down posters. They have closed down the Catalan Govt webside providing information for polling centre workers – where to go, what time, what to do etc. They will be a massive presence at  polling stations and indeed have closed at least half of the 2,315 schools in the region, in an attempt to thwart people voting tomorrow. Spanish police have been ordered to remove anyone attempting to enter the schools to vote tomorrow. Catalan firemen will be protecting voters as they make their way in and out.

Such repression has most probably strengthened pro-Independence support. Undecided or anti-Independence Catalan voters are probably asking themselves “Is this the type of State  we want to live in? “

The Spanish Government’s hard-line policy and hard-right  actions may well backfire on them tomorrow

We support the Catalan people’s right to a referendum on self-determination and hope millions will vote wisely in it


UPDATE: 8.30 pm, September 30th.  Appeal from Paul Maskey MP


The Spanish Government have been attempting to censor the people of Catalonia ahead of Sundays referendum by shutting down websites & social media pages. They are attempting to deny images like that of tonight’s massive rally in Barcelona reaching across Europe & beyond. In response to this latest tactic deployed by the Spanish Government, the Independence movement in Catalonia have requested our assistance to help expose the reality in their homeland & to smash this censorship to smithereens. So please share, tag your friends & get the word out there anyway you can!

Let the people have their say – Visca la terra!

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