The DUP’s Brexit Game-plan

Let’s start by clearing up a few facts about the DUP before moving on to their  Brexit game-plan

  • The DUP  is not  a”British” party!

Westminster views the SNP as a Scottish party and Plaid Cymru as a Welsh party.

It views the DUP  as a reactionary Irish party. It always has. Nothing has changed.

So the DUP are Irish in the eyes of the English, the only  people that count for them!

  • The DUP like to think  Northern Ireland is like Yorkshire or Finchley .

It’s not.

Northern Ireland has its own laws, court system, legislature and government. Yorkshire and Finchley don’t. Scotland does.

Northern Ireland can leave the U K whenever a majority of its citizens chooses. Yorkshire and Finchley can’t. Scotland can.

People born in Northern Ireland have the automatic right to the nationality of another state. The people of Finchley, Yorkshire and Scotland don’t.


Risultati immagini per barking up the wrong tree

  • Contempt for the DUP  and PM May’s government has risen as  DUP votes in support of the present conservative administration were bought and paid for. Unconditionally.




  •   Premises: The majority of people in Northern Ireland voted to Remain in the Brexit Referendum
  •  The outcome of the  Brexit Referendum shows DUP and the UK government  cannot  enforce UK customs and travel laws without stirring up  trouble within  “the province”
  • The DUP want Northern Ireland  be tied  to  the UK

Risultati immagini per UK as pied piper

  •  The DUP will follow the UK government  wherever it leads, even if there is no way back.

Because the DUP’s only claims to votes are:

1) bigging up the fact they believe they are “British”

2) convincing people to share that delusion

3) maximising the distinction and divergence  between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Furthermore, they are convinced that Brexit  means  those two worlds of NI and the Republic will be diverging further

  • Remember: If they ever approach convergence, the DUP lose out.

Immagine correlata

The DUP cannot allow the gradual Reunification of Ireland as part of moves towards ever closer union in the EU.

They seem ready to destroy the NI economy to prevent it.

Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face! Just like the UK is doing with Brexit!

Risultati immagini per cutting off nose to spite face

This is really why the DUP supported Brexit – and allegedly laundered  “dark” money to do so!!

  • In the year since the Brexit referendum and in the months since Article 5 was triggered the DUP has not  clarified in any way, shape or form  how Brexit will work for NI

Because there is no way Northern Ireland can be better off economically or politically.

That’s why the majority of people  voted  Remain.

  • The DUP seem confident  a hard border is coming after Brexit even though they    ape PM May’s talk of “frictionless borders”.

And their belief in “technological solutions ” which exist only in their wishful thinking, is pitiful. They certainly do not exist at any other international frontier

It’s on a par with  their ideas on creationism, and  Irish Republicans and Nationalists secretly voting Unionist.

The longer the DUP  focus on some  unpoliceable land border, the more apparent it becomes that the security of  British people  is secondary to the prospect of making life as difficult as possible for  border communities in Ireland. All of which constituencies voted for Sinn Fein in the 2017 UK General Election

Risultati immagini per sinn fein seats in northern ireland

The DUP appear to be more interested in getting the chance to destroy the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of people along the border than providing the watertight protection and “control” that  the British folk voted for in their referendum

Risultati immagini per vindictive, anyone?

During the  Brexit negotiations the DUP envisage

  • extorting a hard border from  PM May’s government in return for their support

Be under no illusions – DUP relish the idea of a hard border –
They never wanted it removed.
They didn’t vote in support of the GFA/Belfast Agreement.

And since they’ve got into power in the Stormont Assembly, they have stymied every attempt to implement it.


Risultati immagini per frictionless border

Remember: An EU frontier running through Ireland for the sake of pandering to DUP delusions is frankly ridiculous. Why should a tiny, reactionary, minority be able to hold millions of EU citizens up to ransom?

Post-Brexit, the DUP  envisage

  •  unlimited funds from a grateful Westminster to squander as they wish to  shore up their vote with jobs and houses for Loyalists and  new roads   east of the Bann,
  • seats in the Lords for Arlene and our Nige!

Risultati immagini per ermine robes


  • tons of overtime for Loyalist supporters working as customs officers, border guards, policemen etc,


Just like back in the day.

  • *Good service medals, RUC-type pensions and golden handshakes, handed out like sweeties!

Risultati immagini per george cross for ruc

  •  And above all – plenty of their very own space to play “Croppies lie down” –

unfettered as they will be without  the European Court of Justice or the Charter of  Human Rights, etc.

Just like back in the day!

Whatever the Outcome of the Brexit negotiations:

The DUP  will probably not face any consequences . They’ll say

Risultati immagini per not my fault


It’s someone else’s fault.

Anyway we had to stop themmons from getting in.

Their supporters will believe them.


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