trident ahoy!

Shocking to see two pensioners committed to jail for protesting against Trident in Scotland-

Here’s 79-year old Brian’s speech from the dock last year when  he was found not guilty of breach of the peace.


If anyone fancies sending off a wee card of support to elderly  Brian Quail (retired Latin teacher) and his long-term partner, Angie Zelter, the addresses are as follow:

Brain Quail, HM Prison Low Moss, Crosshill Road, Bishopbriggs, Glasgow, G64 2QB.

Angie Zelter, HM Prison Cortion Vale, 823 Cornton Road, Stirling, FK9 5NU.


A response  from Brian Quail.
It’s only now that I’m a free man and have time to sort out the pile of mail sent to me in Low Moss, that I can write to you and thank you most warmly for the letter signed by yourself and so many other good people.
I don’t think you or they can truly appreciate the uplifting impact this letter had which was as unexpected as it was undeserved.
The text you sent was powerful and eloquent. It is unanswerable. It articulates the reason why the people of Scotland must reject the world’s most powerful  machine for the mass extermination of human beings, Britain’s submarine superbelsen, Trident.
So I have a trial in Dumbarton on 12th October, and the work goes on.
But not before I thank you and the good souls of ungagged who signed the letter.
Yours in gratitude and solidarity,
Brian Quail



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