the great appear great because we are on our knees!

I’m reblogging here an article by Joe Mc Veigh on Jude Collins website

“I wonder if they are capable of changing. I wonder if they are serious about building a future together with their neighbours as outlined in various legally binding Agreements”.

Like myself, Joe has his doubts –

Risultati immagini per doubts

Unionist/Loyalist intransigence is very real

The second part of Joe’s article deals with convincing Unionists/Loyalists that they have everything to gain in a Re-United Ireland.
They may well have – but

They don’t want it under any circumstances

Convincing will have no effect.

Sinn Fein and the SDLP are also great at giving advice to Unionists/Loyalists

“the DUP should condemn 11th night bonfires, the UDA and the UVF

And so on and so forth

Advise and Suggest as much as you want –

Risultati immagini per feel free to suggest

Suggestions, recommendations, pleas for rationality, friendly outreach,  have made , and will make, no or a minimal  impact on DUP/Unionist/Loyalist/Orange Order behaviour.

They will in fact just drive them into contrary behaviour patterns and further intransigence.


Time to stop, call a halt 

Risultati immagini per call a halt

We have already explained how the Unionists/Loyalists are a tiny minority within the UK 
They may appear to be a large majority in Northern Ireland but they are not.  

They’re an irrelevance to the bigger picture in three countries but their sectarian bigotry holds us all hostage – never more so than today as they support the May government at Westminster

As James Connolly said

Begging, pleading with Unionists/Loyalists/Orange Order to consider, accept, mitigate their attitude towards the Irish Nationalist/Republican  point of view has got us


When Unionists/Loyalists  treat Catholics/Nationalists/Republicans badly,

and do it again and again and again,

and Catholics/Nationalists/Republicans keep waiting and hoping that they will change and treat us well,

or at least not harm us , then we are being abused.


Time for Irish men and women to ignore the Unionists/Loyalists/Orange Order

Time to press on regardless for what we want

If Unionists/Loyalists can fit in – fine

If they can’t – they’ll have to learn to

Risultati immagini per like it or lump it




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