Children in Crossfire in Northern Ireland – the way we were in 1974

A Sunday Night Film this time instead of Saturday Night!!

Never mind, I’m sure you’ll still find time to watch it!

Children in Crossfire
A BBC docu-film, dated 1974

Remember: 1974 was the same year of the Guildford Pub bombing which saw Gerry Conlon, his father and friends convicted for 15 years until they managed to prove they were innocent.

Several points to consider as you watch:

*The poverty the children lived in and how old their parents looked

*Despite the several biases that emerge, the film is thought provoking

*Note the heart-breaking young lad from the Creggan Derry, who was blinded by a British Army plastic bullet, one of many who were maimed or killed by plastic bullets. And carried on as normal as this was just a part of ordinary daily life.

*And the wannabe UDA commander from East, East, East Belfast who was taught to use guns as a British Army cadet!

*Pay attention to the children on heavy anti-depressants and tranquillizers

  • Note how the speaker often asks “what will be the effect of 4 years war on these children?”
  • What do you think the effect of 30+ years of war had on them and their children?
  • What effect do you think warfare and strife has on the children of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria etc ?

Remember: Like those who were attacked and made to run the gauntlet of the Loyalist Holy Cross protests, these kids are now grown men and women.

Who knows where they are today? Or what their lives were and are like as adults?

NB There’s a Guest Appearance by  young Dr Joe Hedron who was an SDLP MP  (1992-97)  in Belfast.West


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