missing presumed dead in kensington

London’s Grenfell Tower is a 24-story, 67-meter high tower block with 120 separate apartments.

It  was home to about 600 people.

The total number of people in the block when the fire broke out could well have been closer to 700  –  visiting friends and relations,unexpected over-nighters,  house guests, undeclared lodgers, undocumented migrants, illegal sub-tenants, unofficial live-in partners, asylum seekers, foreign nationals  and so forth.

Although many surrounding evacuated folk have applied for the government funding, only 40 households in Grenfell have.

That leaves about 90 households missing, assuming 3-4 people per household.

We know firefighters  rescued 65 people.

“Rough estimates are that at least 300 people are missing, presumed dead. It’s an insult to everyone’s intelligence to, on the one hand, portray the total devastation of the burnt out flats, whilst in the same breath suggesting that a limited number of people have died.”

Barely 200  have been accounted for and more than 500 residents are still missing.

Missing, presumed dead,” means  that the individuals were in Grenfell tower  and were reported as missing by their friends or family.

By definition, it does not include people who have not been reported as missing.

So we have three death totals:

A) 79 Confirmed dead

B) ???? Reported as ‘missing’, now presumed dead;

C) ??????Dead, but not reported as ‘missing’ or confirmed dead

Here are 2 videos with local people asking

Where are all the people?









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