DUP-ing the British Conservative Government and the British People


Theresa May has hoist the people of Great Britain on a Northern Irish petard. She  has effectively given the DUP Unionists the major say on UK policy and  excluded Irish Nationalists/Republicans from any say in Northern Ireland 



Remember: Whatever  deal is struck, the British Conservative Party  will have to acquiesce to DUP demands.


Because the Tories are hanging on to government by a thread, to the tune of Derry’s Walls

Who are the DUP? 

They’re  bigotted Irish Protestants who, even with (because of?) the support and help of the Orange Order and the Ulster Unionist Party,  haven’t been able to run Northern Ireland for almost 100 years.

Now they  are going to run England and the UK

Theresa May wants us to believe that she’s most capable person to negotiate a deal with the EU but she can’t even capably negotiate a deal with them.

Her office issued a statement claiming that a deal had already been reached with the DUP before having to retract it amidst confusion and embarrassment

The DUP are already tightening the noose around May’s neck.

Risultati immagini per dup loyalty

That’s their much vaunted  ‘loyalty‘ for you

Is this what  Theresa May’s Conservative government will reply  when  poorer parts of Great Britain  rightfully ask for more funding and help?

What does the DUP offer  the British Conservative Party?

  1.  serious damage to its public image.
  2. Any alliance with the DUP would be at odds with efforts by Conservatives to shed their image as the nasty party.


The DUP is an extremely divisive political force, with its background in Protestant fundamentalism and long history of association with Ulster Loyalist terrorism in Northern Ireland.

The DUP are of course fully entitled to their worldview and the Protestant fundamentalist morality and beliefs.

What makes them repellent and dangerous is that they   obstruct pluralism and refuse human rights and social justice in civil society  to any and all  who don’t share their peculiar beliefs.

What  more does the DUP offer  the British Conservative Party?

3.  Problems with  HM Catholic subjects


The British-Irish  in  Great Britain’s  cities will hardly accept the DUP as overlords in their government  as DUP harbours a visceral loathing of Irish nationalism/ republicanism and Irish people in general. Which raises a lot of questions.

What does the DUP deal say about fairness for HM Irish Catholic subjects?

Is this the sort of state   HM British-Irish and Irish Catholic subjects are content to belong to?

How will the  British Conservative Party deal with the DUP hatred of HM Catholic subjects?

Will it be an issue for them?

If not, why not?

Remember: Theresa May is at the mercy of any rebels in her party and/or MPs with ultra-thin majorities who will be scared to vote for government measures that affect their constituencies.

There are a lot of British-Irish in a lot of Conservative constituencies 

Risultati immagini per dup

What else can the DUP offer   the British Conservative Party besides bums on seats in Westminster?

 The DUP will conceivably   further an agenda that is incompatible with the letter and spirit of the Good Friday/Belfast Agreement – which the DUP never agreed to anyway. They will use their power to score sectarian “points” over Catholics in Northern Ireland.

How is the British government going to be an honest broker of the Good Friday Agreement when they are in hock to the DUP?

How is anyone expected to believe Theresa May’s Conservative government is performing as an “honest broker” as it was supposed to since the early 1990s?

What Westminster should be doing is working as a neutral entity to help negotiate and form a workable agreement to form government. Instead, what May has done is effectively pick sides. Any pretence at Westminster neutrality in Northern Ireland is now gone, because the Tories are dependent on the DUP for their survival.

Which  undermines the Good Friday/Belfast  Agreement.


Nationalists/Republicans are well placed to argue for talks to be suspended until an independent, international chairperson can be appointed to fulfil the role that cannot be undertaken by Mr Brokenshire, Secretary of  a British State that is attached at the hip to the DUP.

How are Irish Nationalists/Republicans and the Irish government supposed to believe that the British government has no ‘selfish, strategic or economic interest’ in Northern Ireland now?

Remember: Putting the DUP into government with the Tories absolutely shreds the Good Friday/Belfast Agreement and the Tories in Westminster know it.

What else can the DUP  confidence and supply arrangement offer   the British Conservative Government?

4. Slim to non-existent chances of getting Stormont up and running again  

Yet James Brokenshire has been re-appointed Northern Ireland Secretary and will co-chair all party talks in Belfast tomorrow aimed at restoring power sharing government to the region.

Mr Brokenshire has called on the parties to reach an agreement ahead of the 29 June deadline before power is transferred back to London

DUP  taking part in Westminster puts tin lid on any idea of conventional direct rule .

It’s over and done with

Risultati immagini per over and done with


When the Westminster parliament reconvenes, for the first time in over a century there won’t be an Irish  nationalist sitting on the green benches.

Risultati immagini per irish republicans turn their backs

Irish republicanism/ Nationalism has clearly turned it’s back on Westminster.

They see their economic interests at risk because of Brexit. Their identity and valued connection to the rest of the island is under threat. They look to Dublin more than London

The alternative of a UI within the EU begins to look  more and more attractive.

Maybe even worth souring relations with Ulster Protestants/Unionists/Loyalists?

How much worse could it get, anyway?

Comment: Some form of joint authority seems to be the only   way ahead .

Which The Mirror has long argued is the only way out of the NI impasse



If it is legitimate  for DUP to have power in Westminster it is also legitimate  for Northern Irish nationalist/republican  representatives to have input in, and from, Dublin






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