DUP kingmakers? Don’t make me laugh


Theresa May was forced into a deal with DUP MPs to save her from an ignominious departure from Downing Street.

In the wake of

1) her decision to form a minority government with the DUP after failing to secure a parliamentary majority in Thursday’s snap general election and

2) the DUP crowing “croppies lie down”

Senior DUP figures claim they moved quickly to form a coalition to stop any chance of  Jeremy Corbyn from entering No 10 because of his and John McDonnell’s ties to Sinn Féin and the IRA.

A DUP source said:

“The two parties have worked well together for two years.There’s no reason to suppose they won’t continue to do so in future.

“But the point made time after time to Labour MPs remains: for as long as you allow yourselves to be led by an IRA cheerleader, you exclude yourselves from entering No 10.”

I can only repeat what I wrote a couple of years ago and ask

How long will the English put up with May’s partner in government?”



A  far-right political party, DUP core values  are distrust and disgust of anyone who isn’t

ulster loyalist

a white, Northern Irish, Protestant male.

Peter Robinson ( now reportedly looking at a peerage as a result of the DUP-May negotiations) ,

its former leader offered to send Muslims to the shops

shopping for peter

Sammy Wilson,

sammy wilson

 former  Lord Mayor of Belfast, ( 1986/87 and 2000/01)

MLA amd MP for East Antrim  (double jobbing, anyone?) was accused of sexism when he remarked about two female government ministers,

The other two Sinn Fein ministers are two women. I can’t remember their names but


their sister’s called Cinderella.”

Sammy Wilson also said

The GAA is the sporting wing of the IRA“;

I don’t care if [gays] are ratepayers. As far as I am concerned they are perverts”;

“Taigs don’t pay rates”;

“They [Sinn Féin voters in the Oldpark area of Belfast] are sub-human animals”.


Comment: I can appreciate the current outrage  over Wilson’s homophobic comments


Query: Why wasn’t there this outrage when the DUP spouted their anti-Catholic hatred over the decades?








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