UK- you’re about to shoot the Union dead

Right from the Brexit Referendum announcement, we warned that a vote to Leave the EU risked breaking up the UK.

The other  27 states  in the EU recognise a bargaining chip when they see one. With around 50% of the population in both Northern Ireland and Scotland straining to break free of the UK Union, they’re holding two very high value chips.

Risultati immagini per penny droppingRisultati immagini per penny dropping

with the UK Cabinet.

While the House of Lords hogged the limelight discussing amendments to the Brexit Bill,

the UK Cabinet  spent most of its time this morning discussing the importance of the UK Union.

Query: Does  Theresa May  finally realise it is under particular strain as she prepares to pull

Risultati immagini per triggering art 50Immagine correlata

the trigger on Art 50?

Her spokesman refused to go into any details of what was said

A word to the wise is enough”

“Brexit means Brexit ” ,

“The answer I gave is the answer I gave”

“Red white and  blue Brexit”.

“You’ll see what we publish when we publish it

but admitted that the Cabinet spent hours underlining how important the Union is to the UK

The Prime Minister told her colleagues: “The Government recognised how much we all value and recognise the Union, how it had been an incredibly successful partnership. We must continue to point that out.
“Everyone around the table wants the Union to work and stay together.
The spokesman added: ” it’s the most successful political union of countries that’s been seen and it is critical that we continue to maintain, strengthen and nurture a 300 year-plus relationship”.
Members of the Cabinet then spoke out in favour of the Union, particularly in relation to the work that their departments carry out around the devolved administrations. There was a consensus about the importance of maintaining a level of engagement and work to strengthen and enhance the Union going forward“.

Comment: Understandable sentiments from the Cabinet – the UK wouldn’t exist without the Union 

And the Scottish Secretary of State was quick to deliver the message 

Arlene Foster says the Union serves  to stop Gerry Adams, Sinn Fein and radical Republicans and Nationalists from taking power in  Stormont – even though they do hold it already.

 Queries: Why don’t they tell us why the Union is so important? And how? And to whom?   

Scotland is already asking “Why we do need the Union? Give me a positive reason for it now”

PM Theresa  May’s spokesman  said ministers “touched on” Scotland’s feelings about Brexit and issues with the Northern Irish border

Comment: In other words  they said to each other “we’ll just say to them . . . . .”

mind over matter

The PM’s spokesman  insisted it was a general and wide-ranging discussion. They probably made plans.

Risultati immagini per strategy, tactics

Challenged over whether

Risultati immagini per declaring love for the UK UNion

declaring their love for the Union was a worthwhile way of spending their time,

instead of addressing the NHS, social care crisis and worries about business rates,

the spokesman said Cabinet was still “most relevant”.

Comment: In other words  the UK cabinet has finally realised . . . . .

No Scotland, no Northern Ireland and no EU membership =

= no oil, no seat on the UN security council,

= no more demands that have to be satisfied by the rest of the world,

= no influence, no banking passports, no punching above its weight,

= no guarantee former colonies and Commonwealth countries will welcome it with open arms,

= no shipbuilding and little heavy industry, no farming subsidies, no funds for research and town building . . . . . .

In other words the Cabinet realises  the UK  is lost without its Union

Risultati immagini per lost without you

and that everyone else

Risultati immagini per won't let you go


Query: Will the UK trigger itself out of existence, and off the stage of history, as it triggers Art. 50?

Risultati immagini per triggering art 50Immagine correlata

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