Remembrance Sunday – Trendspotting for Unionist Ladies!

A special post for all Unionist Ladies.

Yes indeed. I’m addressing  you and

Image result for belfast unionist women

you two!

Image result for belfast unionist women

I understand that to your great chagrin, the  “Poppy Kermesse” is over for another year.

phone call 2

You will no longer  be able to phone in to object to  somebody on TV, the radio or playing football without  a Poppy.

Until this time next year you will no longer be able to complain, softly, softly,  sotto voce like all true, blue Ladies  about Poppy-less shoppers, shop assistants, bus drivers and so on.

Nothing but ingrates!

Image result for ingrates

I know you were  aghast to see posters like this


the horror

or this

But enough of politics. Today we are going to focus on much more serious issues.

Image result for poppy fashion


Poppy Fashion!

Have you Unionist Ladies spotted the latest trend?

One poppy is not enough!

Do you all   realise that fashion-wise you’re a  nobody unless you wear at least three Poppies ?

Preferably with a silver or silver-gilt brooch pinned underneath them


Better 5. Like HM. Lest we forget. Though forgetting is more than likely at her age.

Maybe her 5 poppies were less a fashion statement and more a pro memoria


Urgent Message to all Unionist ladies:

Fashion costs, Ladies! One poppy is not enough!

You have to  triple or quintuple your donations to the British Legion.

Image result for arlene foster on remembrance sunday

Coming back to our home turf. Can I use the word “turf”  in the presence of  you Unionist Ladies?

Or is it too Irishy?

Maybe something like “Coming back to our home

Image result for peat briquettes

peat briquettes is better?


 The burning question is

Image result for arlene foster on remembrance sunday

Will our Arlene update her look next year?

It looks as if she’s only got half a poppy today and that hat is so, so 1920s.

A half- upturned brim doesn’t bring it into the late 2010s.

But she’s taken one step towards  full fashion status!.

She’s got a silver brooch pinned on underneath her half-Poppy!

PS Why’s our Arlene wearing a line of ribbons? Where did she earn those medals? What did she do? When was she on Active Service?

NB  1 poppy is still enough for Unionist gentlemen (See Duke of Edinburgh above).

They put their hands in other people’s pockets, not their own!

4 thoughts on “Remembrance Sunday – Trendspotting for Unionist Ladies!

    • why indeed? I could have written a much longer post, putting up posters from many countries but I was very aware of my target readers.
      Unionist Ladies cannot bear very much reality. They have very short attention spans, and particular difficulties with regards to new ideas – about fashion or anything else really.
      My critique of First Minister Arlene’s hat may not go down well!


  1. Came here via Wings Over Scotland. Interesting site, will visit again. It’s bizarre, if not downright perverse, how those cursed with a Britnat Mentality love to occupy the ‘moral high ground’ and this whole Poppy thing gives them the opportunity to display just how ‘morally superior’ they so obviously are. Simply the best or a variation on the Ubermensch?


  2. welcome jas – hope you visit often! glad to hear you found the site interesting!
    Thanks for your comment . With regards to the Poppy thing –
    I don’t think it was either “simply the best or a variation on the Ubermensch” (though it contained elements of both).
    It was/is used to propagate the myth of Britain – monarchy, military as best for the country.
    Today poppy wearing has less to do with honouring the dead and more to do with manipulating the living.
    It has become commercialized and is pushed down people’s throats in an attempt to shore up this increasingly threadbare vision of what the UK is about – just as many people are starting to question what monarchy and military really signify and realise they couldn’t care less for the common folk of these islands as long as their hold over us is not weakened.


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