Assange and the US Presidential Election

Polling day approaches in the US Presidential Election.
Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald Trump battle to win to the last vote cast. No holds barred as Americans decide which will be able to work better, for example,  with these other 3 leaders.

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Rather than re-hash the scandals of Donald Trump’s male chauvinism, controversies over Hillary Rodham Clinton’s state of health, particularly at the 9/11 ceremony

and the interminable tangle of who said what to whom in her e-mails, we’ve gone straight to the source itself.

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He’s the mastermind who unleashed thousands of Clinton’s e-mails on to the world.

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As John Pilger interviews  Assange they cover Clinton’s access for money schemes, citing stratospheric sums for 5 minute meetings with her husband Bill, former US president. An extremely ambitious individual, Hillary emerges as a US establishment candidate, a central figure in a spider’s web of political, banking and international connections.

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Trump, on the other hand, is widely portrayed as representing American white trash, the rednecks. He is certainly no favourite with the educated upper-class American citizen.


Assange thinks Trump will never be permitted to win the election.

The interview ends with a few words on Assange’s personal predicament as an asylum seeker within the Embassy of Ecudador in London, police surveillance  and his conviction that he is one of several, if not many, political prisoners in countries that publicly  declare they have none.

There’s lots more to learn about – the role of the FBI in modern America,  Hillary and the attack on Ghedaffi and Libya, Saudi Arabia and ISIS/ISIL/Daesh, US arms sales. And so on . . .

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