Britishness on the brain


What’s been going on over Brexit in the last few days has shown that the  British nationalist movement is quite prepared to sacrifice the economy of the UK “to take back control”

Brexiteers have been producing   a lot of




  • *as a legal challenge  tries to prevent PM May from triggering Article 50 without prior authorisation of Parliament. It could be  the most important constitutional case in generations.
  • *Britain  faces a “divorce bill” of up to 20 billion euro (£18 billion) as the cost of leaving the European Union
  • *the UK faces rising inflation, prices and the £ sterling dropping like a stone (“the worst-performing currency in the world”).
  • *Spain  vetoes  any EU agreement with the UK which doesnt ensure Gibraltar stays in the EU
  • *and  the realization that the the UK doesn’t have the upper hand in trade negotiations

To balance  more enthusiastic and cautious supporters,


1)Ms Sturgeon has promised a  second referendum on Scottish independence if Scotland is taken out of the single market.


2) PM May has suggested paying large sums to ensure access to the single market for selected sectors – banks and Nissan for example and

3) Unionist MLAs voted down “special status ” for Northern Ireland because “Britishness” means  being part of an isolationist UK, no matter the costs.

britishness and irishness


To help you get to the roots of what lies behind  Unionist “Britishness”  and their resistance to acting in their own best interests

whats going wrong

here’s a special diagram, showing the latest findings from neurological research.



 Image result for human brain

Also factor in two overlying genetics of Scottish and Northern Irish Unionism:

The large Orange segment  leads to sectarianism, anti-Catholicism and anti-everything Irish, particularly Republicanism and what they still call “the Irish Free State”.

The ultra-conservative blue section  is linked to slavish following of far-right British conservatism, no matter how much damage it causes to the individual and the populations in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

how dare you


Image result for no it's not


A controlled political, social and economic experiment was set up in Ireland in the early 1920s when the island was partitioned.

Northern Ireland had many advantages: 

  •  it was more dynamic and developed than the republic;
  • it had  large industries and close ties to the UK;
  • it had over 40% of the GNP of the island; 
  • Belfast was larger than Dublin;
  • all its Westminster MPs were Unionists for many years.

After almost 100 years scientists tested the

Working hypothesis: Unionism i.e. maintaining Northern Ireland as a backwater part of the UK is harmful to its people 


Image result for seriously damages health

Results May 2016:  Average GDP per capita of Northern Ireland is about £17,000 vs £29,000 per capita in the Republic.  

Relative poverty in Northern Ireland at 21% of the population and absolute poverty at 23%.

In the Republic, relative poverty is 16.3% and  absolute poverty at 8%.

The economy of Northern Ireland shrank 0.8 per cent in the third quarter of 2015,vs a 7.8 rise in the Republic’s economy.

Conclusions: Unionism  and Britishness on the Brain   severely damage the quality of life of people living under their domination.

Scot2Scot for Britishness on the brain cartoon

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