Breaking News – Viking Cats Invaded Ireland

breaking news


Startling new revelations about  Fat Cats in Ireland.   We thought we know all about themImage result for fat cat irish politicians

and they havoc they have wrecked on our country.

Image result for fat cat irish politicians

Query:  Who brought them here?

St Patrick  banished the snakes from Ireland


despite their complaints

Image result for st patrick banishes snakes from ireland

No mention of  Fat Cats,  a more dangerous fauna.

Were they later immigrants?

Latest research shows they came with the Vikings


Here’s a close-up of one of your pet’s ancestors! The great grand-daddy of all our Fat Cats

Image result for viking cats

They bred alone for their first few centuries in Ireland.


The mutation for tabby cats

Image result for tabby cat

did not occur until the Middle Ages.

The full Fat Cat mutation

laughing cat

occurred early in the 21st century, though the signs were there earlier.

Image result for gombeen men as fat cats

Pontus Skoglund,

Image result for scientist

a population geneticist at Harvard Medical School said “I didn’t even know there were Viking cats.”

Neither did we.
alley cats

Now we do.


Drunk Driving Reptiles×10-apocalisse


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