NAMA – Miskelly, Miss Out

If you misssed the BBC Spotlight programme on NAMA

This is your chance to watch how Frank Cushnahan  . . .

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Who’s he?

st malachy's

Wheeler dealer extraordinaire, a past pupil of St Malachy’s College Belfast, he’s a man with his fingers 

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in every conceivable pie in Northern Ireland.

He was awarded the CBE for services to NI’s economy in 2001.

He was  well-known and well-in with every political party in Stormont. 

stormont clouds

Former jobs include:

*Director of the Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister.

*Chair of OFMDFM’s Audit and Corporate Governance Committee;

*Chair of the ministerial advisory panel to Stormont’s Performance and Efficiency Delivery Unit;

*Panel member of its Capital Realisation Taskforce.

*Chairman of Belfast Harbour Commissioners, WineFlair (NI) Ltd,

*Ex-director of the Northern Ireland Science Park Trust Foundation.

*Non-executive member of the Northern Ireland Housing Executive’s audit committee

*Chairman of the now defunct housing maintenance company Red Sky.

We spoke about Red Sky here

Comment: No surprise now as to why and how we got the runaround!!

And about how  the DUP threatened to crash Stormont in order to bring down the curtains on the NAMA investigation.  


 There must have been a really, really urgent need to cover-up something big.

Comment: No surprise now as to why and how our  former lovely SOS colluded in the farce!!

Image result for irish fools to practice on

Cushnahan was also advisor to the Presbyterian Church panel  handling the crisis of the Presbyterian Mutual Society (PMS) going bust.

Image result for man for all seasons

including the disaster that hit Ireland’s banking system. As recommended by

sammy wilson

DUP Sammy Wilson

Frank Cushnahan was appointed  adviser to the NAMA, the Dublin government’s bad bank.

His  association with a potential US buyer of Nama’s northern portfolio became the focus of parliamentary scrutiny.

Here’s what unfolded


NB. Mr Cushnahan denies any wrong-doing.  He’s threatening to sue the BBC over allegations made in this programme

Comments: With his fingers in so many pies  Frank Cushnahan had many opportunities to be involved in episodes of  corruption.  Maybe he was and maybe be wasn’t.

Queries: But isn’t it time  to lift the lid and see what exactly was/is  going on at Stormont? 

Isn’t it time the Irish Government got the measure of Unionist and UK perfidy?

Or do they like  letting the British lion laugh at them? 



PS Thanks to irishelectionliterature at  Cedar Lounge  for the link to the video


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