Brexit and Northern Ireland


I came across a welcome in-depth analysis of what Brexit will mean to Northern Ireland.

Written by a lawyer working in Europe, the 3-part set of articles clearly explains the pros and cons, covering all aspects of the issue.

Just click on the links below the pictures.

Hoping you now have  all the information you need to make up your minds on how to vote in the Referendum next week

Part 1

It’s perhaps not surprising why Northern Ireland has been largely side-lined by the general Brexit press coverage. Fears of a new Scotland referendum aside, the debate is largely dominated by England-centric issues, deemed of more immediate interest to the bulk of UK voters.

This marginalisation is unfortunate. As the only UK region to share a land border with another EU Member State, Northern Ireland has a unique voice in terms of the more drastic, visible and potentially negative impacts that Brexit may bring to it.


brexit and ireland2

Part 2

After two decades of an open border and cross-border peacebuilding – much of it funded by the EU through its peace programmes – one might reasonably anticipate that, in the event of “Brexit”, the UK government would be alive to the dangers for the Irish peace process of reintroducing a border security regime. Indeed, any such hardening of the border would be interpreted by Irish nationalists and republicans as an abrogation of terms established in the 1998 agreement, endorsed through simultaneous referendums in the north and south, and made law in the British-Irish Agreement Act (1999). That position would likely be supported by all of the main non-unionist political parties in Ireland”.

Part 3

It’s little wonder why the Irish government sees Brexit as a major strategic risk for everyone – not least if it requires the reintroduction of a custom checkpoint along the Irish border to prevent non-EU goods from illegally entering a EU market“.



Pics and other articles



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