A Royal Visit – Black Spider over Ireland

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This spider was found in the north of the island, visiting an Orange Museum.

It was also spotted in the Armagh birthplace of the Orange Order.

On first inspection it looked dangerous.

Bite: Mild to severe, nausea, sweating, local pain, swelling and possible infection

Donegal councillor Mr Mac Giolla Easbuigis was one of the first to exhibit a reaction.

He  is not best pleased HRH the Prince of Wales and consort have come to stay


Who invited the pair here and why are Donegal County Council hosting them when there has been no discussion with councillors and a vote was not taken on the matter? Indeed the Council refused to confirm the visit to me when I asked about it last week too.

Answer”The visit to the Republic of Ireland is at the request of the UK Government .

charles and camilla

Queries: So why isn’t the UK government  covering the expenses for their HRH?
Or why don’t their HRHs pay for themselves, like any other tourists?

Query: Scrounger Charlie?

After  20 minutes exposure  to the Black Spider, 

Sinn Féin's Martin McGuinness said cuts imposed by Westminster civil servants would be unacceptable.

a rather  unhappy-looking Republican Sinn Fein Deputy First Minister, Mr Martin McGuinness, former IRA leader,  announced

1) “I will be visiting Flanders Fields and the Somme next week .”

2) the SF ministers in the new Stormont Executive.
Michelle O’Neill, Megan Fearon, Máirtín Ó Muilleoir and Chris Hazzard  will be taking up the Executive posts”.
He said the matter of the new Justice Minister ‘would be resolved to his satisfaction.’

Comment:  4 Nationalist and 4 Unionist ministers.  But in the present Stormont Assembly SF are entitled to only 3 ministers excluding the Deputy First Minister. If Alliance doesn’t take an Executive seat, DUP get a fifth ministry.

Query:  Could our Marty become Justice Minister?

Answer: No. No Nationalist/Republican need apply



DUP leader Arlene Foster has already  announced they were all “rogues and renegades” and 
We will not be supporting a Sinn Féin Justice Minister, we’re very clear about that
She has also blocked plans by the Lord Chief Justice for dealing with 50 legacy inquest cases

Meddlesome Charlie?

charles and camilla

Remember: The Black Spider letters?

By meddling in government the heir to the throne tainted the supposed “neutrality” of the UK Monarchy
Can he really be an activist king without imperilling the monarchy itself?





6 thoughts on “A Royal Visit – Black Spider over Ireland

  1. Muahahahahaha quoting the Black Spider memos as an example of Charles meddling in government? Oh yes, a man writing the same sort of letter than ANYONE in the UK is legally entitled to write to their government, urging them to tackle the plight of the Patagonian Toothfish! THE HORROR!!! HOW DARE HE?!


  2. Grendel – the point is – Prince Charles is not anyman or even Everyman.

    As Heir to the Throne he has no right to write the sort of letter than ANYONE in the UK is legally entitled to write to their government.
    Restrictions come with the job.
    It’s called “meddling”in matters which shouldn’t concern him.

    Aren’t you concerned he is consorting with a sectarian organization and not paying his way, like any normal tourist?

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