The Right’s Reich – Hitlergate

Hitler, Nazism and  the threat/promise of WWIII are constant themes  in Britain

harry the nazi

His granny set the fashion as a young’un

Image result for royal heilnesses

Nowadays you’re nobody as a politician unless you embrace your inner Nazi.

Labour politicians are being tarred with anti-Semitism.

Two years before Naz Shah was elected Labour MP she posted about transporting Israel to the USA

Image result for transport israel to usa

Former Lord Mayor of London “Red” Ken Livingstone voiced his thoughts on radio:
When Hitler won his election in 1932 his policy then was that Jews should be moved to Israel“.

Meanwhile over in No 10,

biggles 1

WWIII is on the way!

David-Cameron 10

The Prime Minister warns ‘Vote No To Brexit Or Face World War 3′

Leading Brexit campaigner, another former Lord Mayor of London,

however much he may differ from his Prime Minister on the Referendum vote, thinks the 4th Reich is nigh and encroaching from the Continent!

adolf hipster

And here’s what Boris Johnson’s imaginary 4th Reich thinks of the Brexit Referendum

Last but not least, not content with starting opposition in the Stormont Assembly, our very own


Image result for mike nesbitt uup

Mike Nesbit makes a ham-fisted attempt to get on the bandwagon

But hey, propaganda worked for Hitler, for a while.”

Comment: So that’s OK then, is it?

Of course  Nazi-Fascism never,ever went out of fashion in NI
loyalist nazis

Facts: WWII ended over 60+ years ago.

The EU was conceived and set up to ensure peace in Europe after centuries of conflict.

Comment:  Like the inevitable  marching trooops on every conceivable occasion,

Image result for british military pageantry

with the Royal Family

Image result for british military pageantry

playing lead roles, Nazism and WWII  recur regularly as  memes in British political discourse.

They all serve to reinforce the mythical status of Britain’s role in war.

They  provide the British public with the childish reassurance of “being right” because the heroes of these British fantasies always won.

Appealing to the war myth   divides people into “them and us” and issues into simplistic “Yes or No” votes.

Remember: A lie, repeated a thousand times, becomes a truth

Image result for goebbels memes

Boris Johnson Urges Britons To Leave Europe


3 thoughts on “The Right’s Reich – Hitlergate

  1. After reading this, and watching the clips, I didn’t know whether to sit, stand, have a shit or get a haircut. You’re mad as a…I don’t know what. But you’re brilliant, I laughed (even though I knew I shouldn’t) and now, I’m going to Mass. There, you’ve done it. Insanely wonderful post.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was only joking. It was an immensely bold post you wrote there; it will be interesting to see what transpires after the vote. Then I may go to Mass; wafers and wine may be my only source of nutrition.

      Liked by 1 person

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