The last days of the Whinited Kingdom

message for all Unionists – from Scotland, resonating in Northern Ireland. The Union of Great Britain and Northern ireland is coming to an end.
Unionists are experts in telling the rest of us what our identity is. They can tell us that we’re really British (read faux English) when we know we’re not. We never never have been, and never will be, accepted as English – faux or not. Even the “Mighty Dodds” (remember the mighty are mighty because they say they are) knows he’s not English – though he may try to be faux English.

Wee Ginger Dug

Sometimes you feel like banging your head against a brick wall at the rank stupidity of some people, like the idiots on Twitter who tweet at the National to express their displeasure that the paper employs an anonymous person who thinks he’s a dog to write comment pieces. I am of course entirely anonymous, which is why I always publish things under my real name … Oh wait. But then I must still think that I’m a dog, and naturally that invalidates everything I have to say, because you know, I think I’m a dog because of the title of this blog. Perhaps I need more pretty graphs.

Despite the fact I know for a fact that I’m human of course I should bow-wow to those who know my personal identity better than I do and tell me that I think I’m a canine, these being the same people who…

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