Irish Easter Message 1916-2016


Easter 1916 – the first clandestine/pirate broadcast in the world.

The Irish Citizen Army and  Irish Volunteers took over the wireless telegraphy station at the corner of Abbey and O’Connell Streets, Dublin.While setting up the antenna they came under sniper fire from the building across the river.

On shortwave radio they declared to the world that Ireland is now a Republic.

The first transmission took place sometime in the early evening of the 25th of April, and the broadcast lasted for nearly twenty four hours.

They  were unable to get any receiving equipment working so we’ll never know if a reply was  sent.

The  transmission reached America where the papers printed headlines “Revolt in Ireland” while the British press operated under a information blackout about the Rising in Dublin.

Easter Week 2016:
DUBLIN band Contour used the Morse code that was transmitted around the world in 1916 in their new song, Rebellion.
Here we go!


1) Broadcasting the message is quintessential Fenianism in action – exploitation of modern technology to proclaim success and consequently make it happen
2) In similar fashion, the men and women dressed in military-style uniforms and became  de facto Soldiers of the Republic.
3) Today we need to have more faith in the force of our convictions and our ability to make what we want happen.

easter lillies


easter grreetings


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