The Wee Black Book – What NO means

Today was to be Scotland’s Independence Day – 24th March 2016

Scotland hoped to be celebrating as the Irish commemorated the 1916 centenary

As Irish Republicans  prepare for  parades, exhibitions etc Scotland reflects on what its No vote means in a Wee Black Book written by Wings over Scotland

wee black book

You can read it here:

Click to access WeeBlackBookWebEdition.pdf

Rev Stuart Campbell and his team have done a magnificent job in setting out the consequences of the No vote for Scotland
With a masterly juxtaposition of “before” and “after” newspaper headlines the WBB exposes the lies, deceit and hypocrisy at the heart of the “Better Together” campaign and Unionism

(Perfidious Albion, anyone?)
It confirms how vindictively the British state reacts to insurrection –
In 1916 it shot the Irish leaders of an armed uprising

In 2014-16 it declared economic warfare on Scotland as its people dared to vote in a Referendum.

If they hadn’t before, Scottish people now have the measure of their opponents
Their War of Independence is coming. It will not be fought in guerilla warfare against a military force like the Black and Tans.

It will be fought on much more slippery terrain. It is  beginning now in the Halls of Westminster, where Scottish MPs have been partially disenfranchised by EVEL, in the forthcoming Scottish Parliament and in the EU Referendum

Let us wish the Scots every  success in their endeavours to be free

Let us  thank our Patriot Dead for what they achieved and resolve to complete the task

irish easter lily

The Wee Black Book

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