Stephen Rea reads James Connolly- the way we were

Couple of interesting vids before getting to Belfast actor Stephen Rea reading James Connolly’s essay on Empire. One belongs to his professional life and the other to the personal.

Who’s Stephen Rea?

Son of a bus-driver (born 31 October 1946) he attended Belfast High and Queen’s University Belfast. He trained as an actor  at the Abbey Theatre School in Dublin.

He has appeared in  V for Vendetta, Michael Collins  and The Crying Game.

He was married to Dolours Price

One of the Price sisters?

Yes, indeed.

He became famous as the voice of Gerry Adams during the 1988-94  broadcasting ban on  Sinn Fein.

What was the broadcasting ban?

So here is Stephen Rea reading socialist James Connolly’s essay on the British Empire. Some observations seem prescient, considering Connolly’s death. Others ring true even today after 100+ years. Many link up with our previous post on the Unionist mindset.


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