Drama Queen – Westminster MP

Our Gav, none other than our very own stern upholder of Creationism and member of the Loyal Orders

gavin robinson
East Belfast MP Gavin Robinson is

Firing on all cylinders, showing us exactly what the Unionist/Loyalist/Orange Order mindset is

horror girl 2

drama necessary 2


yes oh yes

Our Gav says:

1)“The Republic of Ireland would become isolated if the UK left the European Union” .
Queries: Why? There would be 26 other member countries.
Wouldn’t the UK become isolated without the other 26 members?

2)“Irish concerns were motivated by fear of losing a major ally in Europe”,
Query: When has Britain ever been an ally of Ireland’s?
Even Her Majesty admitted some things should never have happened

(1 min 13 – 2 min 40)

3) “the Irish government had benefited through its relationship with the UK at Brussels”.
evidence please
4) “They are afraid of us leaving because they will lose their big friend in Europe”.
5) “Their concern is more to do with losing their big mate in a big pool and that they will become quite isolated should we choose to leave.”

Comment: Repetition.

Repeat Queries: Who will become quite isolated if “we” decide to Brexit?

Who will lose their big mates?

Answer: Certainly not Ireland which will remain in the EU.

Query: What’s the Orange Order/Loyalist/Unionist drama over Brexit really all about? 




Life is Beautiful – And the Shaky Leg Syndrome.



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