Truth or Dare in Northern Ireland


Arlene Foster, DUP  1st Mininster, Northern Ireland, said

“ . . . the next First Minister will either be me or Martin McGuinness,” 
“Just two votes in every hundred transferring from DUP to Sinn Féin would be enough to see the Mr McGuinness take my place”

DUP/Orange Order/Loyalist perception:chipping   

the horror
Comment: No DUP votes will transfer  to Sinn Fein.

They’ll go to  the UUP or TUV

jim allister

“It is by voting TUV Unionists will make their anti-Sinn Fein vote really count.”

Questions facing Unionists are:

eu in our time
1) Should we remain in the EU


or just the UK,

ghost of empire

bearing in mind the myth of Union is  rent to shreds? 

NB:  Remnants of this “Union Myth” try to maintain a


power base by senselessly marching  every 12th July in Northern Ireland.

We all know what’s left of ‘Britishness’  and its major institutions is  fading fast: 

a) Westminster and the Monarchy are housed in crumbling palaces

b) The military’s reputation has long been besmirched

newsweek british army and torture

internment poster

c) The BBC is associated with covering up pedophiles

savile and harris

d) Scotland is waiting to seize the opportunity for Indyref2.

So what’s left for us in the Union?

2) Are we happy with  current DUP policy and status on Abortion and LBGT rights, that have no equal anywhere else in the UK? Corruption? NAMA? Red Sky?

3) Has DUP/OO rule really worked for Northern Ireland?

Comment: Some diehard, “DUP could do no wrong” believers are realising they have been had, big time. Ex-members include

Ruth Patterson will resign from Belfast City Council at the next election

Ruth Patterson 

‘‘The DUP never allowed me to shine in the way that I know I can shine.’’


 Maurice Devenney , member of the Apprentice Boys, the Loyal Orange Lodge and the Royal Black.

The DUP said both had “brought the party into disrepute“.

and John Henry and his wife,  DUP members for over 40 years.

John Henry, former DUP councillor, who has resigned from the Party. Photo: Olga Cathers

John Henry, Photo: Olga Cathers

The leaders up there, this last while, I certainly would not trust them“.

So should DUP be voted back  into power?


Questions for Nationalists/Republicans:

1) How much do we want Marty to be 1st Minister?
2) Will we set aside our differences/splits to achieve it?
3) Are we ready to do what it takes to get the vote out on the day?

dare to win

  4) Is this what we want to do today?


Remember: NI’s Unionist  difficulty is SF’s opportunity—Foster-55193?


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