Who’ll STAY or LEAVE next week?

eu in our time

The Irish General Election and the Brexit referendum

Next Thursday the Irish vote in the General Election.

election polls

Polls are all over the place. A sizeable number of people still appear undecided. A large percentage seems to want to vote for Independents.

new cabinet minister
We know there will be a Coalition Government. We won’t know who will be in the Coalition until long after polling day is over and we learn what compromises allow parties to get over their current attitudes of

I’m not sitting beside you in the Dàil

dysfunctional family

Whatever Coalition Ireland gets, it will need to take into account the risk of a LEAVE outcome in the UK Brexit Referendum.

Queries:  Will it leave  Irish citizens, who live in Northern Ireland to fend for themselves?

Remember: They are Irish citizens. They are EU citizens. They have EU passports that are issued by the Dublin Government. 

Will the new Coalition allow the border to be re-built, manned and placed under surveillance, thus hampering the free movement of people and goods?

And risk triggering another “Border  Campaign”?

On a small island in the north-west Atlantic, most of which is in the EU?

Will the new Coalition say goodbye to EU funding for cross-border  projects and farmers in NI?

NI’s  lovely SOS

has already opted to campaign for OUT

vote leave
Query: As SOS does her LEAVE position constitute a conflict of interest?
She is SOS of the only UK area
* that risks re-constituting a land border with an EU country.
* whose border removal was due to EU influence (among others)

She is the only SOS who is aligning with ultra-right wing Unionist parties,

DUP is campaigning for LEAVE

jim allister
• TUV is campaigning for LEAVE
Today, as in the past, Unionist parties like these  block human rights in NI. They use “Whataboutery “ to deal with traumatic histories and legacies.

What’s Whataboutery?

look over there

Whatever bad Unionism may have been associated with is downplayed to near irrelevance, while the good is magnified.

Crimes committed by others take on a disproportionate level of importance.

A barely audible mumble of ‘yes we made some mistakes‘ “there were a few bad apples”  is quickly followed up with ‘but look at how awful SF, PIRA, Nationalists, Republicans, Taigs are!’

look over there
Next week, the people of Ireland decide who they are going to vote for.

Queries: Will they recognize Whataboutery as they read it in the press and listen to it on the radio and TV?

Will they vote for a government that shouts “Look over there!”  to Irish people, wherever they live on the island of Ireland?







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