Fenians at the bottom of Willie’s garden


Arch-bigot Willie Frazer claims    ‘Fenian-looking’ people are lurking at my  home”

fairies 2

Query: what constitutes “Fenian-looking”?

They have that look of bitterness and hatred, that look of evil in their eyes. I can see the bitterness.”

Problem 1: rather a vague description – “eye bitterness” is  hard to identify  at a distance, particularly when wearing thick glasses like Willie’s.

Comment: But they’re his Hi-focus Super-prejudist lenses!

Solution 1: here’s a bit more info about the Fenian-look, so each and every one of you can identify a Fenian at first sight or even adopt the look yourselves, should you so wish.

key features

Nationality: Any

Best-known: Irish, American, Cypriot, Indian, Kenyan,

Gender: Fenians are men in all photographs.

Women may be “unrepentant Fenian bastards”

Age: No upper age limits

Height: No limitations. Fenians may be tall, average or short.

Hair: Short or long, dark or fair, curly, wavy or straight

Facial Hair (optional): Any style beard and/or moustache

Hats (optional):  Felt fedora, slouch or  western-style, military caps, berets

Clothes (all styles are acceptable): jacket, shirt and tie, military uniform, shirt with no tie,  jeans, . . .

Problem 2: No hard and fast rules. Could still be anybody.

Solution 2: Here’s a video with lots of pictures of different types of  Fenians so you can identify them and choose your own “look”



phoenix 6

PS you can read all about Fenians in our Phoenix Rising trilogy, starting here https://eurofree3.wordpress.com/2014/04/23/phoenix-rising-the-fenian-flame/





15 thoughts on “Fenians at the bottom of Willie’s garden

  1. The never ending stupidity of a mis-educated population. All the clowns brainwashed with the CCL’s brand of Faith and Fatherland rioted when Willie wanted them to Love Ulster. If any of the clowns had of engaged their brains they would have stood back and welcomed him home. They should have let Willie and his troop march along the streets of Dublin.

    They should have been happy that Willie was demonstrating that at last he recognised that the city where he should air his grievances was Dublin and not London. They should have allowed him to look to Dublin to solve his problems. He does live on the same island after all and are the Faith and Fatherland flock not always talking about “all Ireland” this and “all Ireland” that? Of course the CCL has so brainwashed the sheep that they think “Irish” means Catholic and where the Queen has been replaced by Herr Pope (whoever he happens to be or wherever he happens to be from on planet earth)


    • Sorry for the delay in replying William. I can see where you are coming from – kill them with kindness!! However do remember Willie Frazer’s father was allegedly a member of the notorious Glenanne gang which specialized in sectarian murders of catholics, with british connivance.
      It’s easy to understand why Dubliners were not best pleased to see him and his followers in their capital city and didn’t want them making a habit of it.
      Would indifference/kindness have elicited a better outcome? Possibly – but what’s wrong with showing sectarian bigots that they will not be tolerated or accepted? Anywhere? Anytime?
      One of the tragedies of NI is that sectarian bigots are not just tolerated and accepted – they are downright feted in certain circles


  2. It doesn’t matter what he is. The people who attacked him are just as much bigots. They also glorify murder gangs and pub bombers. It the idiots want to contend that it’s one island and Ulster is part of the er…Repubic (sic) then the idtiots had no right or reason to attack his silly march.


  3. It’s a littel late to worry about one little bigot entering the country when 92% of the schools are run by a bigoted sectarian gang of sinister old male virgins who have a global record in raping children, Ultimately people like Willie were created by the Catholic Church. One thing the Orangemen did get right was Home Rule was really Rome rule.


  4. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day!! I wouldn’t want to organise my life by it, though!!
    PS Fully agree with your anti-clericalism (see other posts here). But 2 wrongs don’t make a right. Anti-catholic/republican/nationalist sectarianism is rife in NI. It really cannot – and should not – be tolerated in any shape or form in a modern democracy.


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