Holocaust Memorial Day – Northern Ireland

man and barbed

Today is Holocaust Memorial Day.

We are encouraged to pause and reflect on gross violations to human rights in the past in Europe and what horrors they led to.

We reaffirm our  commitment to their full implementation in the present and future.

Articles 1 and 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights, when read together, require a proper and adequate official investigation into deaths resulting from the actions of state agents, both from the use of lethal force, and also in situations arising from the negligence of agents that leads to a death.

UK forces were  deeply involved in lethal criminality in Northern Ireland.

British authorities appear to have intervened only to orchestrate cover-ups which continue to this day.

Using the pretext of “National Security” the UK blocks all information about its  30-year involvement in state killings in Northern Ireland, denying justice to relatives of victims and survivors.

rose and barbed

Here’s a memory  for people seeking  justice from the UK

barbed wire

Remember how to climb over  a barbed wire fence!

ECHR Judgement of concern to all


Il Manifesto



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