90th Birthday Party in The Family of Nations

uk britain

Retired Empire-builder Mr UK Britain’s wife’s

old hands 2

90th birthday is coming up!

Of course we all know she

old hands 3

holds the purse strings in that family
wanna party
Certainly dear, Anne’s boy can organise one for you.

He’s good at that sort of thing”

wanna party 2

“Too dear”.

old hand and purse

How much do you want it to cost?

£150 a head. Austerity,  you know.


Right. Mayne Meejar will tell them it’s a privilege to be allowed to pay

I’m not inviting that disagreeable child of yours

Miss GFA Ulster

Miss GFA Northern Ireland or her horrible step-brother

john bull3

Or your demanding sister

bella caledonia

Alba Scotia.

Don’t worry. We’ll only invite  those charities you say you support or else plebs who are flattered to  pay


Where will we have my birthday party?

street party
In the street my dear, where else?

You always have your parties in the street.

People attend a street party to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee at Primrose Hill in London June 2, 2012. Queen Elizabeth gets four days of celebrations to mark her 60 years on the British throne under way on Saturday with one of her favourite pastimes, a trip to the horse races, as tributes to the long-serving monarch pour in. REUTERS/Suzanne Plunkett (BRITAIN - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT SOCIETY ROYALS TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY)

Costs nothing to get a street for one of your parties.

hands purse 2

So how much will it cost me?

nothing 2

Nothing , my dear. And Anne’s boy should make quite a bit for himself even at only £150 a head

I’m really excited about this – I think it is a great idea

uk britain

You are clever , Dukie

I know my dear. You didn’t get where we are today by actually paying for something.

make them pay

That’s our motto












All or Nothing




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