Wages of Rebellion

The Rubberbandit speaker in this  brief clip says that participants of the  1916 Rising were motivated by an idealism which does not exist today.

He also comments on the effects of the current laissez-faire, neo-con doctrine of governance.

belt tighten

Aspects of what is termed “this corporate coup d’état” include privatization of national assets, harmful austerity policies, loss of workers’ rights and salaries,  growing inequality in society, predominance of “business ” , “the markets” (which are governed by the laws our governments make) and “the profit margin” as  the only  model for society.

chris hedges

This model has prevailed in the USA and EU for the past 40-odd years.

Tonight’s Saturday Night Film presents journalist and author Chris Hedges and social activist Prof Cornel West.

They link  these issues, the effects of Empire and the methods and  policies it has used over and over again to maintain its power throughout  history.

Although their examples refer mainly to the USA we can recognize many of the same things in Ireland and the UK.

They analyse what social, and individual psychological, factors cause(d) revolution, rebellion and resistance – yesterday and today –

And show us what we might expect tomorrow.

Enjoy a sparkling, thought-provoking discussion!








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