Moore St – Birth/Death -place of the Irish Republic

The Mirror has  been interested in the story of Moore St re-development for quite some time. The street  is linked with the last stand of the Volunteers during the Easter Rising and the tragic, long-drawn out  death of The O’Rahilly.The decision to surrender was taken in No 16 on April 29th, 1916.

Here are the  views of the Committee to save Moore St and the then Mayor of Dublin – a man with a “business background” who can see the value of nothing but money

Interestingly, James Connolly Heron, James Connolly’s great grandson  made a  speech at the Sinn Fein Mansion House Dublin event  last night, showing the Irish Republic was founded on many ideals, not one of which mentioned the profit margin or the bottom line!

You can listen to  it here


Just as he was speaking the call went out that demolition had started on Moore St.

“Buildings at the centre of a protest in Dublin were in ruins prior to the 1916 Easter Rising and “are not historically significant,” the Department of Arts,Heritage and the Gaeltacht  said.

People rallied round, last night and today to help halt the works.

Mr O’Rathaille sent a text message to Taoiseach Enda Kenny after the work started: “Intent to demolish on Moore Street! What a way to commemorate the brave men of 1916 and to start the Centenary???”

In 2016, as in 1916,  Moore St is a battlefield – this time  between the ideals of the Rising and the Neo-Corporate State

Will Moore St become  the deathplace of the Irish Republic?

6 thoughts on “Moore St – Birth/Death -place of the Irish Republic

  1. The so called “Republic” never was. The same narrow minded parochial gombeen men who would demolish Moore street are those whose path to power was opened by the events of 1916. When the British marched out the Vatican crawled in. 1922 was a victory for Rome. The children of the poor paid the price in places like Artane and Letterfrack. The women paid with the skin of their hands imprisoned in laundries washing De Valera’s sheets run by the Catholic nuns . It was not in any way shape or form the foundation of a state that could be called independent. It is everything that has happened since 1916 that needs to be demolished.

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    • Welcome and thanks for your comment William. The Republic to date has a pretty bad track record in “cherishing all the children of the nation equally”. Women still have a rough deal as far as regards abortion, emigration is still used as a safety valve for unemployment and “austerity” siphons off money to the 1%, forcing more and more ordinary families into hardship.

      PS Have a look at the next post – I think you’ll enjoy it


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