Hidden Hand – the Dublin-Monaghan Bombings

To end off the Festive Season there’s nothing better than a Whodunit and some facts that have  been buried for close to  half a century



After the Dublin-Monaghan Bombings the Garda inquiry led them to the RUC

ruc constable2

The RUC did not initiate an inquiry, even though   planning, procurement of cars, assembly of bombs, delivery of bombs and return of the  perpetrators  to Northern Ireland all occurred under their jurisdiction.

The film mentions involvement of


Capt Robert Nairaic, Britain’s Death Squad Adventurer

Captain Robert Nairac, Britain’s Death Squad Adventurer

In his book,  Capt. Fred Holroyd, interviewed in the film, states:

I have my own memories of Captain Robert Nairac and they are mixed. I liked him and saw him as a younger version of myself. He was keen and brave, if a little rash, but totally committed to the war against the terrorists. However there was another side to Robert that I was to learn about. The unit he was involved with, with the cover title ‘4 Field Survey Troop, Royal Engineers’, was involved with the murdering of suspected and known key members of the IRA.

Queries: If that is true, who authorised the murdering of suspected IRA members?

Was the SAS operating in NI long before the Government of the day were aware of it?

The film also features


The Jackal alias Robin Jackson


The Historical Enquiries Team  found he  was linked to the murders of three members of the Miami Showband in July 1975.

He received a tipoff from a senior police officer that helped him elude justice.  Robin Jackson was advised to lie low after his fingerprints were found on a murder weapon

In 1984 he helped organise the attempted murder of the then Sunday World northern editor Jim Campbell, who had named Jackson as the leader of the UVF in Mid-Ulster, which was responsible for shootings and bombings against nationalists in the so-called “Murder Triangle” of North Armagh.

So here’s our film


Were the Dublin and Monaghan bombings organized by the SAS using Loyalists as a proxy?

Is Collusion An Illusion?

Why has no Dublin Government ever pressed  for redress for its citizens?





War without Honour: True Story of Military Intelligence in Northern Ireland, Fred Holroyd & Nick Burbridge), Medium: 1989; ISBN 1-872398-00-6

4 thoughts on “Hidden Hand – the Dublin-Monaghan Bombings

  1. Many ghosts haunt Ravensdale.
    I don’t know who they all were/are through time and history.
    Ravensdale was one of the worst places I’ve ever been as far as regards an awful atmosphere.

    Travelling on the main Belfast-Dublin road at the height of the Troubles, passing through Ravensdale was like passing through hell.

    A male journalist from NI (protestant/unionist tradition) once told me “Just don’t go there”

    The motorway has helped alter things somewhat as it ripped out the heart of the land and changed the atmosphere to some extent.
    Driving Belfast to Dublin or vice versa today you no longer notice you are passing through Ravensdale

    Evidence of that was an encounter I had acouple of years ago with a young female teacher from the Ravensdale area who told me
    “We are trying to recoup/renovate/recover this land and forest for recreational pursuits”

    “Good luck with that” I thought

    Yet that is the only way to go – replacing bad memories with good
    “Our revenge will be the laughter of our children”

    May the ghosts of Ravensdale rest in peace, whoever they are, however long they have haunted that place


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