Unionists Argue in Circles

Hello, haven’t seen you for a while

Been busy. Was out fleg protesting for a bit and then

twadell camp3

up Twadell.
You’re from a family that’s voted Unionist for generations, aren’t you?
I am. I am.I most certainly am.

Why do you vote Unionist?
What do you mean?
I mean can you remember why you’ve always voted Unionist?Because we’re British, aren’t we?

two equals 1

Apart from that, what are the top five reasons ?
Because we’re the majority here, in this part of the world

elvis fans
That’s not a reason. Just give me a couple of reasons why voting Unionist benefits you and your community? Now. Today. In 2016.
It’s the economy, stupid.


Wages are higher in the Republic – and so are unemployment benefits.
There’s no national health service! I’m not about to sacrifice my or my families standard of living for some silly idea of “nationality“.

boxing glove
So you’re only interested in money? Pay you enough and you’d be happy to re-unite Ireland?
Of course not. We’ll not be bribed. We’re British, aren’t we?

two equals 1
How many of you are there, anyway? How many Ulster people are so committed to the Union that they would never vote for Irish re-unification under any circumstances?
Enough. We’re the majority here, in this part of the world

elvis fans
But what are the benefits of Union?

cute question

Perhaps it’s time for the burden of proof to shift to the Unionists.

Let them prove that keeping NI in the UK is worth all the costs to the British taxpayer, social divisions and sectarianism, doubling up of services and civil service departments, double currency etc on an island whose total population is hardly that of some European capitals.

burden of proof








One thought on “Unionists Argue in Circles

  1. “We’ll not be bribed. We’re British, aren’t, we?” Good God. What fools these mortals be. Great post. Wish I could laugh, but it isn’t funny. Because it’s true. Alright, I laughed a little.

    Liked by 1 person

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