Saudi Arabia vs ISIS: The Way We Are

You were probably shocked to hear Saudi Arabia executed 47 people (45 Saudis, 1 Egyptian and 1 from Chad) in one day. One of them might have been the killer of Irish journalist Simon Cumbers  from Navan, who died in Riyadh in June 2004 in an  Al-Qaeda attack.

These are Saudi Arabia’s first executions in 2016. At least 157 people were put to death in 2015 and 90 people in 2014.

In May last, the Saudi government  advertised

help wanted

8 posts as executioners  to: “ … carry out an increasing number of death sentences, which are usually beheadings, carried out in public”

no special qualifications are needed.”

also involves performing amputations …”

sa executioner

Here’s how it was used.

beheading in saudi arabia
Beheading may be followed by stringing up the dead body for public display

Why such barbaric capital punishments?
Saudi Arabia follows Sharia law.

Just like ISIS?

isis beheading
Yes, indeed. Similarities exist with the ISIS Caliphate even though a month or so ago Saudi Arabia threatened to sue anybody saying so.
*Both seek global, non-democratic Islamic rule.
*Both embrace the use of terrorism.
*Both use oil to accumulate wealth.
*Both kill people according to how a book is interpreted.
*Both declare themselves acting within Sharia law.
*Both call for the death penalty for those convicted of blasphemy, adultery and homosexuality.
*Both prescribe hand amputations and public floggings for lesser offences .

rape in sa
You may remember we talked about flogging in Saudi Arabia  here

Here’s a table about crime and punishment in ISIS and Saudi Arabia

isis vs sa

What’s the difference between Saudi Arabia and ISIS?
At the first 47 beheadings this year, Saudi Arabia State television showed the interior ministry citing Koranic verses to justify execution, footage of the aftermath of al-Qaida attacks and the executions were described as just.

isis burns pilot

ISIS administers more rough and ready justice. It videos its beheadings, burnings of people alive in a cage, and shows the world what punishment by Sharia Law really means.

Why does Saudi Arabia claim it is different to ISIS?
*The Saudi state has existed since the post-WWI era.

*It considers itself to be the only legitimate “Islamic State”.

*It claims it is the  “Guardian of Islam”

*ISIS is  a nascent entity, the survival and stability of which is in question.

Why are the UK and the USA such friends with Saudi Arabia?

Charles in saudi
Saudi Arabia is the the biggest customer of UK and US arms.

obama and saudi

It supplies oil to the West.Some 50,000 jobs in the UK and Saudi are commercially linked.

Almost  £100bn of private Saudi wealth is invested in the UK economy – and mansions in London.

£12bn  worth of UK exports to Saudi over the last three years.

elizii and saudi

What about human rights?

cat laugh

The UN has appointed Saudi Arabia’s envoy to its Human Rights Council to head ( “behead”? ) an influential human rights panel.


The West’s denial of Saudi Arabia  practice is striking:

We salute it as our ally.

We pretend not to notice it is the world’s chief ideological sponsor of Islamist culture.

We don’t tolerate Sharia law among the Taliban or the ISIS Caliphate.

But we respect the Sharia law system used by the Saudis.

Why does Saudi Arabia oppose ISIS?

Because if the ISIS Caliphate gets its way, it will strip the Saudi dynasty of its absolute rule, power and privilege

Mind you, nothing  will change for the women in the country

saudi woman


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