HRH the Prince of Wales Makes a Donation

charles and gerry

After his cup of tea with an Irish Republican –  whose effigy  His Loyal Subjects  hang  on sectarian bonfires –

adams effigy

The Prince of Wales has donated £2,000 to  St Patrick’s  Church.

orangemen at st pats

You may remember St Patrick’s  has long been at the centre of bitter marching disputes involving Protestant loyal orders in Northern Ireland.

Evidently HRH didn’t totally approve of this type of behaviour?

oo f all

According to Belfast Newsletter

“St Patrick’s Church has witnessed disorder and discord in recent years, with some parading loyalist bandsmen accused of provocative and sectarian behaviour while passing by.”

Comment: Don’t believe all you read in the press. Be informed!! Sectarian harassment has been on-going in St Patrick’s Parish for upwards of 150-odd years!!!

Query: In light of that,  what is HRH’s donation worth?

It might be considered rather miserly – little more than a tip for showing him round the building.

The paltry sum was, of course, finely judged so as not to irk His Loyal Subjects

Was it nothing but a  symbolic gesture ?

symbolic gesture

It was certainly not any form of compensation for what generations of Their Majesties’  Catholic subjects have had to put up with in one of Their UK Cities.

Still it surely was . . . . .

better than nothiing



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