Boxing Night – “Whisky ” – An Irish Tale

Here’s our Boxing Night film –

Whisky/Uisce Beatha

A morality tale with a difference

It’s won prizes

It’s got everything Irish –

The Titanic, the Emigrant, the Ghost Spectre, the Demon Drink,  the Way We Were,   an inarticulate Father-Son Relationship, an Avoided Fate, Destiny




4 thoughts on “Boxing Night – “Whisky ” – An Irish Tale

  1. love that story, a friend of mine had a similar experience in deciding not to get onto a plane because it was so annoying everyone pushing in front of her, in the queue, hence she survived what was a major and tragic crash. Her mother thought she was seeing a ghost when she got home, because there was also someone on the fated crash with the same name!
    I never rush to get onto any mode of transport if it’s too busy, I can always get the next one!


    • welcome to the site Helena and thanks for your comment and story. Personally speaking, having missed out on bombs and shootings quite a few times in Northern Ireland, I always trust my intuition, or Second Sight as the Highlanders call it. If it says “No” I just don’t go there – wherever or whatever it is!!!


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