The Way We Were – Internment

I have just found this classic as a download – John Mc Guffin’s 1973 book on Internment. If you have never read it before – it’s long, easy to read and well worth the time

Please consider making a donation to Irish Resistance Books so they can publish further works

prison 2

And while we’re talking about Christmas donations, Republican internees and prisoners,  maybe you’d like to send a Christmas card or letter to one of these men who are currently in Maghaberry  and Portlaoise  Gaols. Sending these cards is a small but important gesture as it shows that people are thinking of them.

life enprisonment


Old Road Ballinderry Upper,
County Antrim,

Phil O’Donnell

Eamon Cassidy

Conor Hughes

Gerard Flanagan

Kevin O’Neill

Robert O’Neill

Danny McClean

Paul Crawford

Carl Reilly

ni prison officer

Cogús Prisoners E2, Portlaoise Co Laois, IRELAND:

Patrick Tierney

Dalton McKevitt

Michael McKevitt

Charles Anthony Deery

Garret Mulley

Paddy MacDonagh

Seamus McGrane

Donal Ó Coisdealbha


Each and every one of us  can surely send Seasonal Greetings.


4 thoughts on “The Way We Were – Internment

  1. I am from Vancouver,Canada and I just wrote a letter to Phil O’Donnell in Maghaberry Prison.The reason I wrote the letter was because of the actions of Kevin Vickers who is Canadian Ambassador to Ireland and he attacked a peacefull demonstrator in Dublin who was protesting against the Reactionary British Army in Ireland.I supports the Republicans fighting against British Imperialism. The Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare association asked me to consider writing to one of the Republican Prisoners so I wrote to Phil.The Republicans will win this fight against British Imperialism. Like Bobby Sands said:England Get Out Of Ireland.

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  2. Thanks Stan – glad to hear at least one person responded to the callout. I am sure your letter will cheer Phil up and hope this is the start of a friendly correspondence. Maybe you have friends in Canada who might be encouraged to write to other Republican prisoners.
    I agree your Ambassador’s behaviour was atrocious and hope the Canadian government decides to recall him and replace him with someone who understands how a Diplomat is meant to act.


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