An Irish National Health Service

In response to a Special Request and  an Urgent Need

Please circulate far and wide 

sinn fein

Sinn Fein is promising an Irish National Health Service

Italy and Spain have them! Nordic states have them!

What about the UK?

England is busy privatising hers

Wales and Scotland are desperately hanging on to theirs

NI Unionists says they prefer the UK because it has one

Give Ireland her NHS

°For the first time ever
°Free at point of access – medical care from the cradle to the grave

Why? Simply because
*Irish people are worth it!
*It pays for itself – good medical and dental care lifelong means less health costs in the long-term
*With a total population the size of a smallish capital city elsewhere Ireland should be ashamed of not caring for her people
* You know you want it
*Your kids and parents need it

*People with chronic illnesses (asthma, epilepsy) need it

*People with disabilities need it
*It means more jobs for Irish doctors, nurses and auxiliary health personnel
*It dismantles a Unionist argument against re-unification

What’s not to like?

Read more about Sinn Fein’s proposal  here

Vote Sinn Fein if you want an Irish NHS

sinn fein


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