Orange Order Rescues Scotland from Trident!!

Arch-bigot, Orangeman

jeffrey donaldson

DUP MP Jeffrey Donaldson

stops at nothing  to anger Irish Nationalist/Republicans, damage North South relations on the island of Ireland and curry favour with the Tory Government at Westminster.

SNP MPs  have long argued and campaigned  for the removal of Trident from the Firth of Clyde. So yesterday they listened

amazed SNP

in astonishment

amazed snp2

as Mr Donaldson actually told  the House of Commons that if the SNP were to decide to eject the Trident programme from Scotland, then the “lots of loughs and lots of ports” in Northern Ireland would make a suitable home for it.

With support for the Union in Northern Ireland growing ever stronger,
(Comment: denial anyone?) may I help to assuage the concerns of the Right Honourable Member for Moray by saying that we have lots of loughs and lots of ports, and that if the Government ever need a new home for Trident, Ulster is there.”


Mr Cameron should have replied

Yes Jeffery, I’m going to give a bunch of bigoted muppets who fly off the handle because they can’t “fly thur fleg” a naval base full of thermonuclear weapons”.

burned our bobfires

“I’m going to put the Orange Order in charge of the launch codes, give the keys to the local UDA Brigadiers and appoint the UVF as perimeter guards. I’m sure that the free world will sleep safer at night

mcneilly id

Didn’t NI’s very own Royal Navy sailor from Newtownabbey blow the whistle on just how dangerous Trident is?

NI, the most unstable place in the UK,  actually debated the issue in its  Stormont Assembly!!!

NI borders on the neutral Republic of Ireland that has never invaded any other country or started a war with anyone, outside of  wresting its independence from Britain.

Who gave the Orange Order and DUP the right to even suggest endangering Ireland and its people?


One thought on “Orange Order Rescues Scotland from Trident!!

  1. Every time I think I’m deranged I look at these Eejit Orangemen and think, well, I’m not so bad. Christ, what a joke, just no good for a laugh. Great post, thanks.


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