La Reine Daesh – Warning the Ladies

Like everyone else in Europe I’m shocked and horrified by the massacre in Paris, upset by the lockdown in  Belgium and frightened by the threats to  Rome as it prepares for the Papal Opening of the Jubilee Year on 8th December with presumably crowds of pilgrims.

More bad news was that 30 people have left from Ireland   in the past year to become jihadists.

Some may have been women – like those English schoolgirls in February of this year.

Here’s what happened when they arrived at their journey’s end

Like our princess they probably realised they should have stayed at home!!

UPDATE 25/11/2015:  Samra Kesinovic, 17,  ran away from  Vienna  to join Isis in Syria. Sickened by the killings she witnessed,  she wanted to return home. She has reportedly been hammered to death by the Daesh after trying to escape from  Raqqa



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