today people don’t count

– whether that’s the Known Soldier or the people of London/Derry

derry school

They petitioned for a name change to their city

The UK government replied

what part no

Government spokesman in the Lords, Lord Dunlop, said: “The Government, on occasion receives requests to change names of towns and cities.At this time the Government does not intend to change the name of the City of Londonderry.”

 road stop
Comments -Devolution is power retained. It always was and it always will be.
– The people of NI have never been able to break free of the UK 
 The people of Scotland  through the   SNP  called for Holyrood to be given control over any future referendum on independence.
This is a power that should rest with the Scottish people and if they decided the moment and the conditions were right, that would be a matter for Scotland and the elected representatives of the Scottish people, not Westminster. That call should be made by Scotland.”
 scotland bill

 road stop

Comments: – Devolution is power retained. It always was and it always will be.

  • The people of Scotland voted NO to Independence last year


The people of Catalunya, in the  Catalan parliament voted to  begin the process of breaking away from Spain   “ in favour of  beginning  the process toward the creation of an independent Catalan state in the form of a republic”.


As early as 2017.

The Catalunya Parliament will no longer be bound to decisions made by Spanish state institutions, including the constitutional court.

'I'm sorry...what other options are there?'

Madrid said

road stop

We are determined to use all the rights we have to defend democracy. We will use the full force of the law and the force of democracy. And this is only the first step “

Step 2: threats to impose direct rule on Catalunya by suspending devolution

Comments: – Devolution is power retained. It always was and it always will be.

  • If Madrid cannot convince  the people of Catalonia that their best interests in the  future lie within  Spain,  Catalunya will  continue planning secession.
  • Madrid’s attitude may alienate people who would otherwise want to remain in Spain.
  • With a General Election looming  next month maybe it would be best to leave matters for the incoming government to deal with  – unless Mr Rajoy intends to garner votes by playing the patriot card

patriot game



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