Loyalism Forever?

Tonight’s Saturday night film

Understanding today’s news

Loyalist paramilitary associations are under discussion in the latest round of Stormont talks

uvf sil

The UDA has  stated it still exists and has no intention of disappearing.



martina anderson

Ms Martina Anderson MEP

is sending a booklet  to MLAs, TDs, councillors and MEPs. It’s called “Britain’s Dirty War in Ireland


What’s her booklet about?

Highlighting the impact of British government collusion with unionist death squads.  In other words, showing how  Loyalist  paramilitaries and the  British state colluded in the murder of Catholics/Nationalists/Republicans


MEPs  signed a declaration calling for British state compliance of its Article 2 obligations under the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) in the context of state killings during the conflict in Ireland.

She wants to show how the UK is evading EU rules on investigating deaths

So what sort of people were involved in loyalist paramilitaries?

What did they do? And why?

Here we go! Watch as Nobel prize winner Lord Trimble and Ian Paisley, Orangemen through and through,  rejoice at Drumcree!

Look out for young Peter Robinson and Edwin Poots as they reject peacemaking and  the GFA/Belfast Agreement







Special thanks to Tricolour At City Hall



2 thoughts on “Loyalism Forever?

  1. Thanks Oglach – anyone living in Belfast in those days remembers all this – the fear and the horrors we all endured daily – particularly people in North Belfast and the deaths at the hands of the Shankhill Butchers and the people in the country areas who were murdered by the Glenanne gang and co. It’s certainly our past and our recent todays – am thinking of so many innocent people killed by Loyalists since the GFA. Let’s hope all our tomorrows are different. It’s up to us to make them different.


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