The People’s Judge!!

Came across this gem today!!!

integrity ireland

Integrity Ireland say they  encourage ‘openness, transparency and justice in the institutions of the Irish State’ and also as ‘serve as a support network for wronged citizens’

September 2015
Two members of Integrity Ireland, Stephen Manning and Colm Granahan, took civil summonses against Garda Sergeant Peter Hanley and County Registrar Fintan Murphy because of incidents at a sitting of the County Registrar’s Court in March of this year, relating to home repossessions.

Watch what happened!!

For the series – the West’s awake

PS the song was written by Thomas Davis,  author of A Nation Once Again. Born in Mallow, Co Cork, on October 14, 1814, he became a lawyer in 1838, founded the Young Ireland movement in 1840, established the Nation newspaper (motto:Educate that you may be Free’) and dedicated his life to Irish nationalism and republicanism, vowing like Tone to unite Catholic and Protestant.

He  died of scarlet fever at the age of 30 in 1845.

His statue stands  in College Green near Trinity College, Dublin.

Comment: As he was a lawyer, I’m sure he would have supported Integrity Ireland’s  action in nominating a People’s Judge!!!


4 thoughts on “The People’s Judge!!

  1. hello Sol, Welcome to the mirror. The message in this post is ” find out and think about Integrity Ireland” and then put what it’s doing in the context of what our patriot dead advocated


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