Puppet Masters

Tonight’s Saturday Night Film comes in response to a special request.
Since I’m always willing to help spread information – here we go!

And here’s what Mr Storey’s solicitor has to say


I was also  assured Sinn Féin will enter the Stormont  talks on Monday in good faith, determined to find resolutions and agreement on all outstanding matters.

Which is nice to know.

A couple of days ago  SF asked the British government to offer a “sop” to Unionist parties to get them to attend new Northern talks.

Our lovely SOS

commissioned an independent assessment from security agencies and police on the activity and purpose of paramilitary organisations in Northern Ireland.

The report will be published sometime in October of this year.

Would it help allay Unionist fears? 
yes oh yes
Would any excuse have done to back down? 


As a result, both the UUP and DUP have said they will take part in the crisis talks on Monday.

Who’s the puppet master ?

puppet master
And who’s the puppet on a string?

enjoy the show







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