DUP Boys Go Round and Round

NO Stormont Adjournment

NO Stormont Suspension

NO Sinn Fein Exclusion
what to do

In an effort to prevent Nationalists/Republicans from dominating government at Stormont  in the absence of adjournment or suspension

the horror

and to build pressure on the UK  Government to suspend Stormont,  DUP ministers will re-nominate and then resign again, and again and again
walking in circles
We will do exactly the same thing again”,

robinson 3

Peter Robinson

We will resign until such times as the matters are resolved.”
my game, my rules

Query: isn’t your   solution a farce?

They’ve left us with no other alternative – if they (the other parties) don’t adjourn we will effectively de-facto adjourn the Assembly”.
grown man sulks
“We will ensure the Assembly does not operate normally.

no business as usual

the objective in all of this was to ensure that we would not be doing business as usual, so we will not be doing business as usual”.

Query: So you won’t be “protecting the Union” and calling Nationalists and Republicans “rogues and renegades”?

robinson 3

But, at the same time, we are not going to be handing seats over the Sinn Féin and the SDLP,

Why should the Sinn Féin organisation be rewarded for bad behaviour?
They should be punished for bad behaviour, not given extra seats.”

Mr Robinson said re-nominating is an “ugly option” but a necessary one.

ugly truth

Comment: It’s an ugly, arrogant  mindset that contemplates and implements such actions, isn’t it?

Treats voters like fools,

Tries to force 2 Governments to do only what the DUP wants,  

 May be in breach of the Ministerial Code,

Yet is triumphant in getting its own way!











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