DUP’s Out of Stormont – Sorta!

Following on from our previous post  https://eurofree3.wordpress.com/2015/09/04/the-wreck-of-the-hesperus/

robinson then and now

we now learn that Peter Robinson,  DUP leader  has “stepped aside but not technically resigned

He has asked Mrs Arlene “F E A R” Foster to play a “gatekeeper role

foster goalkeeper

and stop the remaining parties passing any legislation the DUP  don’t like.


What’s caused the latest crisis?

Unionist exaggerated responses to PSNI Chief Constable stating the IRA existed and was involved in murder. They wanted to “punish Sinn Fein by excluding them from Stormont”.



Now they have excluded themselves

What murder?
Former IRA man, then community worker, Jock Davison, was the first victim. Since he was known to have been on poor terms with Mr McGuigan (2nd victim), also a former IRA man,  for about 15 years, Mr Mc Guigan was alleged to have a motive for murdering him.

Query: So Mr Mc Guigan reacts to “bad  blood” between former comrades after 15 years? And nobody questions this motive?

No,  and then Mr Mc Guigan was allegedly murdered by Mr Davison’s IRA friends   as a revenge killing.

Query: Evidence?

The dogs in the street know it’s all true.

dogs on the street

No evidence has been produced to show the murders are linked. As far as the public is aware, there has been little investigation into the murder of Mr Davison.


The Chief Constable has now arrested 16 people in connection with the McGuigan murder


and released 15 of them without charge.

Comment: This would seem to indicate Chief Constable’s information about the killing is not very accurate, unless he just enjoys arresting people.


Queries:  Why should anyone think that his ‘information’ that ex-IRA members were involved in the killing is  accurate?

Why should we accept his other information that IRA structures exist but that they are not involved in terrorism?

Is there now any actual basis for this contrived crisis among Unionist politicians?

What’s really behind the Unionist attempt to topple Stormont?

* Unionist refusal to share power with Nationalists/Republicans which has been festering since the Union flag was taken down 24/7 on top of Belfast City Hall and now flies on designated days as elsewhere in the UK.
* Unionist refusal to accept government bodies like the Parades Commission which regulates Orange marches

*Everybody’s refusal to be responsible for the budget and Welfare cuts

*Unionist fear of the Sinn Fein-chaired NAMA investigation committee which they have been doing their best to stymie.

* Inter-party Unionist fueds – UUP vs DUP vs TUV
* Orange desire to get their little fiefdom back and govern without Sinn Fein

Why can’t they have it back without power-sharing?
Given the history of Unionist government,

orange state

no one will ever, ever trust them in government alone.

No one?
Not the Irish, British and US governments who brokered the GFA/Belfast Agreement. Not the Nationalists/ Republicans and probably not moderate Unionists in NI
Has suspension for Unionist reasons, occult or otherwise,  happened before?

yes oh yes

Unionists have form in collapsing power-sharing arrangements when things don’t go the way they want.

What does Mr Cameron think?
He’s worried but pressing on with his plans for the talks.

What does our lovely SOS say?

irretrievable breakdown inworking relationships and communications.” She’s pressing on with the Government plan for talks dealing with Welfare Reform and Paramilitaries of all shades

What happens next?
– immediate elections to a new Assembly?

Comment: An election has been averted .The assembly is still in effect in place, as Peter has not resigned, just “stepped aside” and Arlene is still there.
An election  would not solve the problems created by Unionist hostility to power-sharing with Nationalists/Republicans.

–  return of direct rule from Westminster?

Comment: that was excluded by the St Andrews Agreement. The UK government would need to pass an emergency act to supercede the agreement and take over Northern Ireland
– Joint Authority?
Comment: Annex D of the St Andrews Agreement states – “Failure to agree to establish the Executive will lead to immediate dissolution of the Assembly,as will failure to agree at any stage, and the Governments will take forward new partnership arrangements on the basis previously announced.”







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