The UK Dysfunctional Family – 3

breaking news
Many of Miss GFA NI’s current problems are now attributed to continual sibling abuse.
Miss GFA Ulster

SUBJECT: Miss GFA Northern Ireland
FATHER: Mr UK Britain, elderly, retired from Empire Building
MOTHER: Eire Ireland, lives independently after traumatic divorce from the British family.

Miss NI grew up in a neglectful home. After their acrimonious divorce, her father Mr UK Britain handed over the keys of the house to her brother

john bull3

Master  “Jack” Bull Britain while her mother Eire Ireland busied herself setting up her independent home elsewhere.
Master Jack  always wanted to be top dog.

john bull 2

His own private militia used march through Ms NI’s rooms, terrorising and threatening her. He treated her like


Proud of Master Jack’s spirit which supported his Empire building

uk britain

Mr UK Britain, who was fighting a takeover, refused to discipline his son.
Worn out by the abuse she had suffered


Ms Eire Ireland took refuge in religion and encouraged her daughter to stand up for herself and join her in her independent home.

riots in ra
Inter-sibling violence forced Mr UK Britain back to

stormont clouds

his old house. Appalled by Miss NI’s excesses he forced a reconciliation, promising her a new world of equality, parity of esteem and acceptance of her religious and political beliefs under his roof, subject to Master Jack’s veto!

_hopes betrayed
Alas, hope of a bright future was not to be.
Master  “Jack” Bull revealed

orange sash dress uniform

his true colours again and again, finally deciding to

girl locked out

lock Miss GFA Northern Ireland out of her new home.
He  decided “there will be no further meetings”

“If I am not satisfied . . .”

“If it becomes apparent to me . . . .”

“I shall attempt to get the best outcome for me . . .”

“I must make it clear . . .”

“I’m outta here tomorrow  unless I get what I want . . .”

“It’s her fault. She would not take difficult decisions”


Mr UK Britain’s fixer talked with

charlie flanagan

Ms Eire Ireland’s to deal with the  siblings.
Both  insist that come what may the siblings have to learn to live together.



Queries: Why should they?
Why can’t Miss GFA Northern Ireland live in her mother’s house as she so desperately desires?
Why can’t Master Jack remain in his father’s as he wants?

But what would be the point of

john bull3

Master Jack Bull Britain’s life without a sibling to torment?


3 thoughts on “The UK Dysfunctional Family – 3

  1. Thanks for the compliment MPG – nice to hear from you again. Actually as i’ve looked at Scotland in this light too the entire UK looks like a fairy tale from hell . Am thinking about Wales – the next installment!!


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