The Wreck of the Hesperus

Storm and stress, Night and fog –

Like a sheeted ghost, Stormont swept
 Tow’rds the reef of DUPmen’s Woe“.

6 reasons why the upshot of two murders in backstreet Belfast and rumours of persisting IRA activity is not looking good for the DUP
1) The 13th man arrested in connection with the murder of Kevin McGuigan in Belfast was released without charge.
Sean Kelly and  Mark McDowell were also arrested  and released without charge. Both former IRA men had been released early under the Good Friday Agreement under licence.
Since the DUP has been talking consistently about “punishing” Sinn Fein and Republicans

robinson then and now
Peter Robinson asked British Prime Minister David Cameron to revoke their early release licences.

shankill bomber
Stop using me as a political pawn‘ Sean Kelly told First Minister .

His solicitor  claimed that no evidence was put to his client during ten interviews and two days at Antrim police station last month.
He also revealed his client is set to take legal action against the PSNI for wrongful arrest and unlawful imprisonment and branded the arrest

a demonstration of political policing.”

2) The UK and Irish governments don’t seem to pay much attention what the DUP/ Orange Order want.

what part no
So far we’ve had no suspension of Stormont  and no exclusion of SF

no killa no party

3) Everybody was ordered into talks. DUP was not best pleased.


Arlene Foster, leader of F E A R (Fear Encouraged Abandoning Roots)
warned that the DUP would “take action” next week .

It will not be business as usual at Stormont

Words like Adjournment, suspension, unilateral action are being bandied about.

charlie flanagan

Mr Charlie Flanagan, the Republic’s Minister of Foreign Affairs extended the

iron fist
I don’t see any benefit in people not participating in talks, walk outs, motions of exclusions, applications to have parties shut up. These are unhelpful. Now that the two governments have convened talks I believe the parties should focus on talks rather than taking short-term political advantage of the current situation.
In order for trust and confidence to be restored, there certainly needs to be a process that allows for verification if there is parliamentary activity.”

usa eire
The USA agreed. America is one of the guarantors of the Good Friday agreement.  Democratic Congressmen Brendan Boyle and Richard Neal: ‘There is absolutely no appetite in the United States for any sort of backsliding on the democratic institutions that exist and that a lot of sacrifice and effort went into creating.’

“if the institutions were to collapse then what you do is go back to an election where the result is likely to be the same and then you have stalemate,”
“I don’t know that you want to take an isolated murder where all have agreed that it was not sanctioned by any political leadership and use that as an example of failure, because it is not.
“if you want to argue about it, you argue about it in the Assembly in Stormont.”

'I'm sorry...what other options are there?'

4) Talks are supposed to deal with all shades of paramilitaries . So if the IRA don’t exist as the Chief Constable  says guess who they’ll be dealing with?

Our lovely Secretary of State

Ms Villiers mentions ” the need to see all paramilitary organisations in Northern Ireland disband once and for all”.

The Unionist parties are very cosy with active Loyalist/Unionist paramilitaries.Mike Nesbitt  and Peter Robinson even formed the “graduated response” along with UPRG/UDA and PUP/UVF.

UUP and DUP members shared platforms at Twaddell with Unionist paramilitaries.

The cost of policing a 10 month Loyalist protest camp at Twadell Avenue ,a north Belfast community interface , has topped £9 million

No unionist MLAs commented during the Assembly exchanges on the Twaddell costs.

DUP members shared platforms with sectarian  serial killers

DUP William McCrea held meetings with Billy Wright, UVF leader in 1991 and 1992 at the height of Wright’s sectarian murder campaign in Mid-Ulster.

DUP and UUP leaders attended UDA funerals and  carried the coffins of UDA Godfathers.

sammy wilson

DUP Sammy Wilson  praised a UDA plan of ethnic cleansing of Catholics in the early 1990’s. The vastly Catholic and nationalist areas would be handed over to the Republic, and those left stranded in the “Protestant state” would be “expelled, nullified, or interned“. Sammy Wilson stated that the plan “shows that some loyalist paramilitaries are looking ahead and contemplating what needs to be done to maintain our separate Ulster identity”.

what did you say

Taoiseach Enda Kenny repeated the message:


The “shadow of the gunman” was not confined to one side and “the poison of paramilitarism is not just confined to so-called republicans. It is still deeply embedded in loyalist communities, often with nakedly criminal agendas”.

Democratic politicians “must commit themselves, and fully, to the democratic institutions, and to the law, whether expressed through the Executive, the Assembly, the courts, the police service or, indeed, the Parades Commission.

“What steps are needed must be taken now. No shared platforms or strategies. No shady grey areas between right and wrong”.

5) The DUP had asked for an Independent monitoring commission mark II

what part no
The current crisis is of a different order,” said


Lord Alderdice, Chairman of the original IMC .
Even before the horrible murders of these two men, we were right on the edge of devolution being set aside.
“If somehow or another, magically, the issue of these two murders was taken out of the picture, we would still be in that position of crisis where the assembly, the executive, is about to be suspended or fold because there is no agreement on the governance of Northern Ireland.
“The IMC or any new IMC could not help that problem at all, it did not have a political mandate to try to get people to negotiate on the politics and the governance issue”.

6) Suggestion the UK is fed up with Stormont

last chance
It is vital for the sustainability of the devolved institutions that all parties seize the opportunity for urgent talks to address these issues.”

last chance 3

Comment: Unionists – there’s a storm coming!!,_Baron_Alderdice


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