When Harry met Séamas

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harry and sally

But a re-blog of two  excellent companion posts (by Harry and Séamas), both   dealing with the UUP threat to pull out of the dysfunctional Stormont Executive and the DUP threat to force the expulsion of Sinn Féin from the regional administration (which the Mirror has already examined  https://eurofree3.wordpress.com/2015/08/27/sinn-fein-out-out-out/ )

For the series Great Minds Think Alike!

Before you read the posts it’s



1) “there is no evidence to be seen from unionism that they have attempted to cultivate any of that “trust” in their attempts at shared governance these past several years of the experiment. The proffered hand of friendship has been slapped down time and time again”

Harry or Séamas?

2)”What remains clear is the utter hypocrisy of mainstream unionism, its ready willingness to embrace and fawn upon the killers of “Catholics” when politic to do so, while rejecting that “terrorism” which exists outside its own control or influence”.

Harry or Séamas?

3)”Throughout the years of Unionist’s rule …the Official Unionist Party and latterly the DUP who soaked up those same voters….began with the rump of the Ulster Volunteers in 1912 when they decided to take the law of the land into their own hands . That tradition of lawlessness continued with an alphabet soup of groupings that makes the the IRA’s title seem pedestrian”….

Harry or Séamas?

4)”They included the Ulster Protestant Association {UPA 1920–1922},the Ulster Protestant Volunteers{UPV1966–1969},Ulster Volunteer Force,the Red Hand Commando,the Young Citizen Volunteers (youth wing),the UVF, the RHC,YCV{1966–present},Ulster Defence Association,Ulster Freedom Fighters,Ulster Young Militants (youth wing},UDA,UFF,UYM1971–present,Ulster Resistance1986–?,Loyalist Volunteer Force{LVF1997–present},Orange Volunteers{OV 1998–present} ,Red Hand DefendersRHD1998–present ,Real Ulster Freedom Fighters{Real UFF 2007–present},Ulster Protestant Action (UPA), 1956–1966,Ulster Special Constabulary Association (USCA), 1970–1975,Down Orange Welfare (DOW), 1972–?,Orange Volunteers (OV), 1972–1980s,Ulster Volunteer Service Corps (UVSC), 1972–1974,Ulster Service Corps (USC), 1976–?,Ulster Constitution Defence Committee (UCDC), 1966–1969,Ulster Army Council (UAC), 1973–1974,Ulster Loyalist Central Co-ordinating Committee (ULCCC), 1974–1976,Combined Loyalist Military Command (CLMC), 1991–1998,Protestant Action Force (PAF)…….”

Harry or Séamas?

5)”The UVF’s reign of terror did not cease with its self-declared truce in 1994. It was merely curtailed. Since the mid-1990s the factional grouping has carried out hundreds of attacks involving the use of guns, bombs, knives and cudgels, attacks which have left over thirty dead and dozens more wounded. Far from ceasing to exist the organisation has expanded its criminal empire to become one of the larger narco-terrorist gangs of western Europe. Such a record would place the Ulster Volunteer Force well beyond the bounds of acceptability in most mainstream political quarters but the UVF, while being terrorists, are British and unionist terrorists”.

Harry or Séamas?

6) “The UDR consisted of a force made up of 97% armed and trained protestants who apparently could not be trusted to side by the forces of law and order if they were forced by circumstances to choose sides”.

Harry or Séamas?

cute question

7) The UDA are very British terrorists

Harry,  Séamas or the Mirror?

You can check your answers here while you enjoy both  top-level posts!!










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