The Troubles – time for a re-make?


Axed in 1998 after 30 years, the long running, hugely divisive and controversial ‘The Troubles’ graced our screens every night despite its unpopularity amongst the general population in Northern Ireland. In fact, it only had a handful of dedicated fans so it is a wonder it ran as long as it did. So why, after nearly 17 years, does it seem like The Troubles could be set to return to our screens with a reboot?

That’s the opening paragraph of a nice piece of satire from  LAD . You can read it all here

Fianna Fáil and Sinn Féin are accusing each other of trying to scupper the peace process.This is an exceptionally serious moment. Our lovely SOS


Theresa Villiers said that she hopes to discuss the issue with the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Charlie Flanagan in Dublin

Reasons why we are on the brink 

1) Unionists/Loyalists  want to play the Orange Card Sign i.e. Unionist/Loyalist fear of Irish Nationalism/Republicanism, as symbolized by  the IRA.



Query: What triggered the latest outbreak?

where have they gone

Manufactured doubts over whether the IRA has really gone away

A PSNI statement (later retracted)  suggested the Provisional IRA was actively involved in the murder of  Belfast Republicans Kevin Mc Guigan and Jock Davison.  First Minister Peter Robinson

robinson then and now

immediately  raised the prospect of Sinn Féin being excluded from the Stormont executive.


jim allister

Traditional Unionist Voice leader Jim Allister agreed.

*”time for unionists who work the Belfast Agreement to face up to reality“,

*”time to show Sinn Féin the “exit door from government“.

So did UUP leader Mike Nesbitt

the party will consider leaving the Stormont Executive

Ukip NI leader David McNarry called on all unionists to unite .

Sinn Fein must be suspended from the Executive and the Assembly structures,

Stormont can survive the repercussions of republican chicanery by unionists standing firm together”.

“Ukip’s message to Sinn Fein and the secretary of state is this: the game is up, the people’s patience is over.

“No government or committee chairperson representing Sinn Fein can meet anyone, anymore with a terrorist army lurking in the wings.

Query: Isn’t removing the elected representatives of 45% odd of the electorate – sort of – well, you know – illegal and undemocratic? Sorta coup d’état-ish? 


How does the IRA Sign serve the Unionist/loyalist agenda?

The IRA is used as a vehicle in the ‘Loyalist cause’. Fear of the IRA fuels  the hatred and animosity  that is all they have known all their lives.

That fear/hatred serves to justify their

kat girl

sectarianism ,


racism and opposition to the Irish language and culture

cultural racism in stormont


*With the GFA/ Belfast Agreement and subsequent ceasefire Unionists/Loyalists  were expected  give up  that hatred

*But if that hatred is taken away away, they have nothing left.

*So the IRA ceasefire  became  another threat to their way of being.

*They are delighted doubts have been cast on the ceasefire

Why do Unionists/Loyalists hate and fear  the IRA and consequently Catholics, Nationalists, Republicans etc?

The IRA, Fenians, and so on that rose up in 1916 and continued rebelling until they obtained independence for  26/32 of  counties, defeated  Carson’s dream of  Ireland united under the Crown

The Civil Rights movement and the IRA campaign ended the Orange State and  dream of a “Protestant Parliament for a Protestant people”

Unionists/Loyalists were  forced into a power-sharing arrangement and parity of esteem/equality agenda  they never wanted or   accepted.

Comment: It hardly matters whether  nationalists/Republicans make progress through insurgency or diplomacy, because the Unionist cause  always suffers.



2) Unionists/Loyalists (read DUP) need  a distraction decoy

The PSNI, assisted by the UK National Crime Agency,  is launching a “criminal inquiry” into the allegations  that a Northern Ireland politician or party may have been in line to benefit by up to £7 million as a result of a major Nama sale

 Was there an official  meeting between Cerberus, Peter Robinson and others at Stormont just 10 days before the US company bought the 850-property Nama portfolio for less than £1.5 million?

Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness  said


 because all official meetings involving the First Minister and/or the Deputy First Minister must be agreed by both him and Mr Robinson

 He was not aware of the meeting on that date.

peter and gareth

  Is Peter Robinson’s son Gareth involved?

what part no

He denies Verbatim Communications, the public relations firm he runs, was involved in any way in the controversial sale of National Asset Management Agency’s (Nama) Northern Ireland properties.

 An Inquiry  was launched by the Northern Ireland Assembly’s Committee on Finance and Personnel. It’s chaired by


Sinn Féin MLA Daithí McKay

It wants to know

*what contacts existed between  bidders and former DUP finance ministers

sammy wilson

Sammy Wilson and


Simon Hamilton

Member of the Royal Black Institution  and Orange Order.

hamilton orange

The Inquiry Committee also wants to

  • find out about the circumstances surrounding the drafting of a memorandum of understanding between Peter Robinson, and a failed bidder, investment firm Pimco.

It has had difficulty making progress since it was launched last month.

The DUP are  doing their best to stymie it.

dup banner

The head of the North’s civil service, Dr Malcolm McKibben issued a letter allegedly  warning senior colleagues of the potential to prejudice a police investigation into the €1.6bn sale of the portfolio to US vulture fund Cerberus.


Minister Arlene Foster  (DUP)  blocked David Sterling, the permanent secretary of the North’s Department of Finance,   from reappearing at the committee  on the grounds that the police probe could be affected.

Lawyers in the North were warned not to divulge details about a billion-euro property controversy minutes before they appeared before a Stormont scrutiny committee.

A senior figure from the National Crime Agency (NCA) made an eleventh hour telephone call and told them not to discuss the criminal probe into the sale of Northern Ireland assets by Nama (National Asset Management Agency).

Mairtin O Muilleoir  asked “Why is the NCA making calls in relation to the investigation moments before we sit?”

He said the NCA should be called to give evidence in public.

Mr McKay said: “We are aware there are some efforts to stymie this inquiry.”

Is the storm in a teacup

storm in a teacup

over the invisible? defunct?  IRA (with  no evidence that  it’s involved in terrorism or paramilitary activity) just another blocking action?

Query: Who is really scuppering the peace process?

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