Goodbye Varoufakis – Hello Tsakalotos

We’re old friends!!

What patriots Greece has  in these troubled times!

Up Patriots to Arms

We were shocked and saddened when Mr Veroufakis handed in his resignation.

We appreciated his withdrawing for the good of Greece.

We are sure he will continue to serve Greece and the well-being of the peoples of Europe

We welcome our friend Mr Tsakalotos

We are confident he will negotiate with the EU and the IMF to serve Greece and the well-being of the peoples of Europe

And to complete your introduction to Franco Battiato – this is just because we like the song!!


Germany vs Greece – the Olympic Stadium Final

As the world  anxiously waits for the results of tomorrow’s referendum in Greece

here’s this week’s Saturday Night Film

Starring all our favourite and best-known philosophers, with Karl Marx as reserve and Martin Luther as  manager of the German Team

Mr Confucious is referee, flanked by  Sts Augustine and Thomas d’Acquinas as linesmen,

Playing the final at the Olympic Stadium